Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas is Just Around the Corner...

And I guess I'm as ready as I'm going to be. Well, I guess that isn't completely true, Marko is out running some errands and picking up a few things and there's still the wrapping to do. I love to wrap presents so that's not too big a deal for me. I still have our traditional Christmas Eve lasagna to make in a not so traditional way. Instead of the layers and fuss, I'm just gonna whip it all into the ol' crock pot and heat it up! YUM! It's my favourite way to cook lasagna!

And after supper, we're off to church for the evening service. I miss going to the serive at St. Paul's in Westville. They have a candlelight service that is just so beautiful! My favourite part was when everyone's candle was lit we would stand and sing Silent Night, holding up our candles. He is the Light of the world. Halleluiah! Here at the Chapel we have a nice service where different members of the congregation get up to sing or read or share a message. I enjoy that too, but I do miss the candles. :)

Then it will be time to rush home and get the kids to bed so that we can get their stockings ready. Marko and I also give each other stockings. We don't do Santa Claus here so I don't have to worry about cookies or carrotts left out for the merry old elf. I don't really have anything against Santa, I guess it's just all the commercialization of Christmas and the idea that it's all about what you're going to get under the tree when really, Christmas isn't about us. It's about the Lord, himself coming down from heaven to meet with his creation. And in time rescuing them from their sin through his death and resurrection. Now if that isn't the best Christmas gift anyone could receive, then I don't know what is!!

From our house to yours, may we wish you a most blessed and Merry Christmas this year!!
My love to all!!

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Anonymous said...

Hallelujah!!! Well put Laura :)