Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Christmas Parade

I was really excited about taking the kids to the Christmas parade! I love a good parade and the Charlottetown Christmas parade was pretty good. They have it in the evening which makes for some fun light displays on the floats. We left an hour before hand to make it to our viewing spot which just happened to be the MCC parking lot (my old stomping ground) and we couldn't have picked a better spot! It was right at the beginning of the parade so getting out again was pretty easy and we were ahead of the traffic, they handed out free candy canes (but then so were most of the floats!!) AND FREE hot chocolate!! Yummmmy! Sean and Emma-Lyn did great. Sean sat on Marko's lap for half of it then sat on my lap for the end. Emma-Lyn slept through most of it and what she didn't sleep through she watched with great wonderment!

I can hardly believe that my little man turns 3 this Friday! We're having his party on Saturday (which happens to be my sister's birthday) so we'll have a double party to celebrate the two of them getting old!! He's been pretty excited about it. He keeps mentioning that his birthday is December 5th or that it's on Friday and then pretending different toys are birthday cakes and singing Happy Birthday to himself!! So funny.

He looks just a little anxious but he did have fun...he really enjoyed all the free stuff they were handing out. Got a Tim Horton's calendar, a bracelet (one of those rubber ones advertising for the forces) a Navy frisbee (pretty lame frisbee but a frisbee nonetheless), some UPEI temporary tatoos and oh so many candy canes!!

The Colour Guard
Sean's favourite---lit up Fire Truck

All bundled up for the parade

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StephanieAllen said...

Cool, your area does a night parade too? So does Aurora! We love watching all the lights on the parade floats too. Although extra bundling up is definitely in order.