Monday, December 08, 2008

My Boy is 3 Years Old!!...and a couple days

With all the hub-bub of his birthday and Christmas Concerts and my folks visiting, I haven't had much time to get you all updated here on the blog. Finally, I have a spare moment and the pictures are uploaded and I've got lots to tell.

Sean is quite an amazing little lad and I just love him to bits! He is full of wonder about everything around him. He'd love to do everything all by himself. He loves cars and dogs and playing. He loves the snow. He loves his Daddy and wants to be just like him when he grows up. He enjoys listening to music and singing. He loves to imagine things with his toys. He loves to be told stories, ones in books and ones that you make up on the fly. He loves to run and play with the big boys at church. He loves to bake and help Mommy in the kitchen. He loves bath time and playing with bubbles. He loves making hand prints and colouring. He loves to read his books. He loves playing with his little sister and sometimes getting a little rough with her. He loves to explain things...(I think he is well on his way to being just like his Daddy.)

And here are a couple funny things Sean has said recently:

Sean was busy playing with the figures from our Nativity scene when he picks up Joseph and Jesus and begins a conversation that went something a little like this:
Joseph: Hi, how are you?
Jesus: I'm good, but I'm not wearing any underwear..."
And the conversation just kinda petered out after that and really what can you say after someone tells you they're not wearing any underwear?!

And then just the other night at the supper table, Marko mentioned how much of an eating machine Emma-Lyn was, I quickly agreed and added that she had become quite the pooping machine as well! Sean quickly piped up and said, "Pooping machine?! Mommy, are you a pooping machine?" While grinning, I just shook my head and answered, "No, Mommy is not a pooping machine." He quickly turned his head to Daddy and posed the same question. And Daddy, attempting to stifle a giggle, says, "No Sean, I'm not a pooping machine." And without missing a beat he looks up at him and says, "Oh, cause you look like one!"

Sean loved all the gifts he got but at this point was especially interested in the Lightening MacQueen car that Auntie Karina gave him.

Just digging into his gifts..

Showing off his new car.
I just thought this was a cute picture of him.

And of course the cake!

He got so many lovely things for his birthday. Auntie Bernie stopped by with a great big Richard Scarrey First Word Book. Sean is just loving this!! He just pours over it and looks at everything. He also got a book from Grammie that he likes to look at. We got him a couple of dinkies which he loves and likes to take with him. All the grandparents got him some great new outfits! He looks so sweet in them! He also got a new toy train and a video of Thomas and Friends. It was such a lovely day. We had a great visit with my folks and not only did we get to celebrate Sean's birthday but it was also my sister's birthday too! So much fun!

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