Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our Christmas 2008

Well, here we are Christmas is all done and we're looking forward to New Year's. Marko is off work until the 5th of January! I'm super happy about that. We haven't heard much more about our car. We do know that insurance has made an offer to Honda and they're just waiting for the acceptance. We also know that we have to give back the rental tomorrow.

But getting back to Christmas... We had a really lovely one. Marko got off early from work on Christmas Eve. I made our traditional Christmas Eve lasagna in the slow cooker. Everyone gobbled up their supper and headed out to church. Before we left I made a quick stop to a neighbour's place to drop off a little gifty. (her son had been over earlier to drop off a gift for our kids) When she came to the door and saw that I had a gift for her she gave the most unexpected response I could have imagined...It was, "I'm gonna kick your a$$" My response? "Please don't?!" She just sorta chuckled after that and accepted my little gift and invited me and the kids to come over some time after Christmas is over.

The church service was great. Sean had only one melt down which was quickly resolved and Emma-Lyn just had a great time looking around and smiling at everybody...Oh then there was the time she sneezed (poor baby girl has quite the cold and is teething too) and it was such a sneeze that the two young fellas ahead of us turned around to see if they got any on them!

We did some looking at of Christmas lights (our favourite spot didn't have theirs on but we were able to go back another night and see them.) Once home we got the kiddos to bed and then finished up our wrapping and stuffed the stockings.

The kiddos were up at 7 ish and off to the stockings we went. Sean was super excited and thought everything was great! He would get so excited about one present that he would forget about opening any more and we would have to cajole him to open the next one. Emma-Lyn seemed to enjoy it too but with more wonderment then excitement.

At 1:30 we were off to the Canfield's for Christmas dinner. It was wonderful! They even had gifts for Sean and Emma-Lyn which was so sweet. Sean loved playing with the train track downstairs and hardly wanted to pause a moment to eat dinner. Sean had his first go at trying out PopRocks. I thought he might freak out with this candy in his mouth that would make noises but he was thrilled with it and wanted more! Too funny.

After dinner, Ben, Josh, Marko and I played some Settlers!! I was so excited. I haven't played Settlers in forever so it was really fun to play it again. Ben won and Josh, who hadn't ever played before came in a pretty close second.

The funniest part was when it came time to leave. We told Sean that it was time to go but he didn't want to go so we trotted out the "Oh well, we're gonna go, guess we'll leave you here..." line thinking this would get him going...apparently not. As soon as we said it, he was waving good bye, wishing us well, he gave me some pretend money and told me I could go to the bank or the movies with it. I think someone asked where he was going to sleep and he was all prepared to sleep on their living room floor. Still, we proceeded to get ready to leave thinking at some point he would chicken out and want to come with dice. Grant pulled him over and had a little chat with him. He told him that he would love to have him stay over for a night but he would need to have his pj's with him and the rest of his things. So he told Sean that he could come over another night, he just had to call ahead to make sure it was okay and then he could sleep over! How sweet is that?! This totally satisfied Sean and he was ready to leave with us now.

All in all it was a pretty sweet little Christmas day!

The stockings all lined up waiting for Christmas morning...

Sean eagerly anticipating what would be in his stocking.

Yay! It's underwear!
"Hmmm, they musta packed the good stuff at the bottom of this thing..."

"And they did..."

Emma-Lyn: Do you spy what I spy?!!

Ohhhhh baby, yeah got me some Smarties...

Success is mine! Now, just to find someone to help me open it!

"Yes Daddy that is a nice shirt but could you open the Smarties now?!"

"No, no Daddy, the Smarties, can I have the stinkin' Smarties already?!!!"

Nope, but you can have this car my sweet little peanut! Notice that she still has the Smarties in her hand!

All dressed up to go to the Canfields.

"Well, would you look at that, I've got ribbons on my outfit...neat."

Our sweet guy smiley!

And finally, Emma-Lyn trying to get at the Canfield's Christmas tree.


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I LOVE the pictures of Sean and Emma-Lyn! They are an absolute HOOT! Sean getting to the good stuff of his stocking and Emma-Lyn trying to convince someone to open the box of Smarties!! They are so adorable!!!
Happy New Year!!
Love from ME!
CrAzY dragon