Monday, December 08, 2008

Time to Play Catch Up...

So much to tell and share with you. First I just have these super sweet pictures of Emma-Lyn. She is quite the gal! We discovered just the other day that she can climb stairs!! I didn't think that she could but there she was just giving it her all to climb up our stairs. She only got half way and then thought she'd try turning around and going back down the stairs...not such a great idea, I was there with her so I just grabbed her and took back down.

She's also discovered just how much fun it is to play with her own lips. So funny to watch her wander around the room just flipping her lips with her fingers. Sean has really begun to enjoy Emma-Lyn too. He's always asking her to come to his room to play. Then at supper time when I was still rushing about trying to get things together and Emma-Lyn was having a melt down in her high chair, he stepped right up and did his best to calm her down. He sang to her and then just said, "Emma-Lyn, calm down."

Those eyes just melt me!

My little baby doll.

I just think this is so sweet!

She loves to play with balls.

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