Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

Honestly, I just don't know where I'd be if it weren't for the help of my friends. So often they call just when I need them, they show up just when I need them, they send stuff just when I need it! :)

You all remember the last time I locked myself and the kids out of the house right? (Don't worry, I haven't done it again.) Well, one of my friends decided that enough was enough and it was time for an intervention. Something had to be done to help me remember to bring my keys with me whenever I went out. My best friend from high school was just that person...Here she is:
Nice chapeau no? Anyways, this is Crystal, she reads the ol' blog and apparently would like it very much if I would stop locking myself out! So she took matters into her own hands, bought me a University of Western Ontario lanyard (basically a long loop that goes round your neck that you can attach stuff to.)

Now she did this all unbeknown to me. Now this is where things got interesting...'Cause one day out of blue, I got a call from Connelly Financial Services asking to verify my street address. (This happened in the middle of our whole car escapade and trying to work things out with insurance so I thought that it had something to do with that) When I called Connelly back they just mentioned that one of their clerks had received a package of mine and wanted to bring it to me. Good enough, so I verified my address and was anxiously anticipating this mysterious package. Two days passed and still no package, so I called Connelly again and got to talk to my next door neighbour, turns out he was the clerk and was just so busy that he couldn't run the package over but if I wanted to, I could slip over to the house and his wife would be there to let me have the package. (He also admitted to opening the package before realizing that it wasn't for him...)

All of this is all well and good. Sean was up and Emma-Lyn was napping so he and I ran over to the neighbours to get the package! The wife was just about to head out the door herself and quickly grabbed the package and gave it to me with a chuckle and apologized for opening it. Sean and I quickly ran back home and I finally got to open my package...Instantly I recognized Crystal's handwriting and wondered what she could have mailed to me...thankfully she wrote a couple clues on the back of the envelope... She said something along the lines of" "Here's something so you won't lock yourself out again, the kids might try to strangle you with it..."
I can only imagine what my neighbours were thinking when they read that part!! I pulled out the lanyard and just started to laugh, a little embarrassed laugh but still a laugh...Thanks again, Crystal! I have it on my key chain and think of you whenever I head out!! :)

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