Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just Some Random Party Shots...Oh and One Photo of Our New Car

Sean and Abby were ever so happy when Brian arrived! It was time to tackle Brian Mountain in whatever means possible!

"Did I come in a box like this too?!!"

"Hmmm, now just how do I get this thing to work anyways?!"

"There had better be Smarties in here somewhere or I'm gonna make a mess in my diaper like never before!!"

And this would be our new car! We are so happy to be back in our own Civic and have everything cleared up with insurance and what not.

And if they weren't climbing on him, they were sitting on him!

And then it was Bonnie's turn to be sat and played on!

Good times!!

Isn't Hannah just ultra-adorable?! I just LOVE her smile!

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