Friday, January 16, 2009

My Baby Girl is ONE!!!

Where did the time go?! I just love this little girl and can hardly believe how much she has changed in just one year. It's remarkable just to go back through the pictures to see how her personalty has really blossomed through the year. She is just such a little sweet heart! I couldn't imagine our little family without her. Sean loves her and is really enjoying her now that she can kinda play with him.

She has been such an easy baby even from the beginning. She would eat and sleep and not even poop for the most part (just so you know, girly is making up for lost time in that department!!!) I love getting down on her level because as soon as she sees you she'll make a bee line for you and pretty much melt into your arms. (I LOVE IT!!) She loves to take Sean's toys from him just to see what he'll do about it. She LOVES Smarties!! She babbles a LOT and is saying a lot of Mom, Mom and Da Da. So sweet. She has four teeth all trying to come in at the same time which is making things interesting to say the least. When Sean is running around the apartment, she does her best to keep up with him and when she can't, she'll stay in one spot and just squeal as he goes by. She loves to be held and will sit and play with a toy in your lap. She does NOT love or even really tolerate all that well having her nose wiped!! I love to pick her up and hold her close just to smell her, she just smells so sweet...unless of course she's just pooped and then she doesn't smell quite so good. She has a very mischevious little smile! (especially when she's snitching Smarties!!) She is a squealer, she loves to squeal in delight, in dissatisfaction, for any reason at all, really. She's just so tiny! And those eyes, they're so big and so blue!

Oooh, I could go on and on and on...but the bottom line is this, she is the most precious little baby girl in the world to me. I love her so very much!

Here she is just minutes old.

How adorable is this?!

Love those big blue eyes!

What a ham!! Taking after her brother already!

Sweet, sweet baby girl.

For her birthday, we're going to open presents in the morning and then for supper we're going out to McDonalds. Sean is looking forward to playing in the playarea! And then we heading home for some yummy cake!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday sweet grandaughter. can't wait to see you again and get to know you more.
All my love,
Grammie Peric

Mary e said...

Happy Birthday Emma-Lyn! Have a good one.
Mary E

Sassy_Canuk said...

Happy first birthday, Emma-Lyn! You sure are a cutie, and you are growing so fast!

Auntie Bernie said...

Happy 1st Birthday Emma-Lyn.
Your mommmy's right you are such a sweetie !!

Anonymous said...

Happy First Birthday Emma-Lyn !! You are a precious little lady ..
Love Aunt Isabel