Saturday, January 03, 2009

New Year's Eve Fun!

Okay, so good times on New Year's Eve!! Our good friends, Mike and Nancy hosted our gang's celebration festivities! There were games, lots of food, some singing and some fighting. I mean what is a good New Year's Eve party without a little fighting?!!

My favourite part was playing Catch Phrase. It's a fast paced word game that keeps you on your toes. For one of my turns I got the word SCARE (your goal is to get your team to guess your word) So I leaned over to Penny and basically screamed "BLAH" at her...yep that scared her alright! She was scared and laughing all at the same time. My team guessed my word correctly and then it was Penny's turn. She was still trying to compose herself after her hilarious fright.

The fighting was also fun. It was boxing on the Wii. I have one shot that I dearly love, since it really captures the intensity of the game. Bonnie was going all out to beat the snot out of Jennie...good times.

After people tuckered themselves out on Boxing, Mike set up Rockband and a few of strutted our stuff playing the guitar, or the drums or singing... It was great. I tried out the drums and the guitar. I wanted to do well on the drums...but I pretty much stank. I did okay on the guitar and really enjoyed it, so that was good!

By now it was getting pretty late, we had rung in the new year and the blizzard was making it's presence known so we decided then to hightail it home before it got too bad. The storm lasted the night and dumped a heapinsfull of snow on us. They kept the plows off the road until the wind died down. We were going to visit with Jennie's family for dinner but there was no way anyone was going anywhere! So we stayed in and enjoyed a quiet New Year's day. Sean helped me take down all the Christmas decorations. I love putting them up early and taking them down early too!

I have a couple other fun stories about the kids but I'm going to keep them for another post. Here are a couple pics from New Year's Eve.

Here are all the girls! From the back Lto R are: Beth Robertson (Bonnie's sister), Bonnie MacDonald, Jennie MacKinnon, Me. Front L to R are: Penny Carew and Nancy Thomas.

Marko and Troy letting out their inner Rock Star!!

And this is Penny, the one I scared the snot out of...:)

And Bonnie going all out to knock Jennie out...While Bonnie had all kinds of effort, concentration and heaps of enthusiasm, Jennie would take her down in the end. Good Match girls!!

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