Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Party!

What a day we had! Emma-Lyn woke up to find presents waiting for her in the living room. Both she and Sean loved playing with her new toy. She liked her new outfits, but especially loved her Smarties!! (Sean also enjoyed sharing these with her!)

That afternoon Bonnie and the girls dropped over and we had a lovely visit! We invited the MacDonalds to come with us to McDonalds which was the best idea I had all day. The kids LOVED it and I think the parents had a mighty fine time too! Emma-Lyn got right into her cake as you'll see in the pictures. While she didn't hold her piece of cake to her mouth for a solid minute like her brother, she did make a pretty fine mess all over her face...and the table...and the floor...I was so thankful to be at McDonalds and not have to worry about getting everything cleaned up!

Sean and Abby had a really great time climbing and sliding in the Playplace. They just wanted to keep on going and going and going. All of the kiddos did amazing at the restaurant. I was really pleased with how well Sean handled himself. No fussing at all and even once we got home he was doing great. Needless to say as soon as his little head hit the pillow he was off to dreamland!

So, yeah my baby girl isn't really a baby anymore...*sniff* Must be time for another one!! LOL (yes, that is a joke)

Me and my big girl.

Emma-Lyn with her favourite treat!

My little Russian princess. Emma-Lyn got this outfit from Grammie Peric over the summer but it didn't really fit but now it fits beautifully. There is a headress that goes with it but there was just no getting that on her head no how!


Oh yeah, that's the good stuff!!

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Sassy_Canuk said...

I love the messy cake pic :) She has changed so much!