Sunday, January 25, 2009

What a GREAT Day!!

It was such a beautiful sunny day today that after lunch and nap times we headed out for a Sunday drive. I snapped some photos and we went down roads we've never been on before. The kids were great and we decided that since we had a gift certificate, we'd go to Pizza Delight for supper.

We had a great server named Kate who was the best! When my lasagna was going to come out later than Marko's order she offered us a free desert! And when our garlic fingers came out without the bacon she got us a second order for free! When they didn't have honey for Sean's chicken nuggets she brought out little dishes of nearly every other sauce they had so he would have something to dip his nuggets in. Sean and Emma-Lyn did great. Sean even shared his toys with some other children he met in the little play room.

Yesterday on the other hand had been quite different. Sean got up in the morning and just wasn't himself. He looked pretty pale and he was all sorts of snuggly, which just isn't him. He is much more of a go, go, go guy. I thought something was up but didn't pay much mind just carried on. I got him his breakfast which he didn't eat much of, but he did down 2 and a half glasses of milk in less than 20 minutes. Afterwards he just wanted to sit with me and then out of no where he just threw up all over my lap. When it seemed it was going to keep up for awhile, I quickly ran him to the bathroom.

He felt much better afterwards but the odd thing was that his lips remained a fairly bluish colour for most of the day. He is back to his old self today and seems no worse for wear, so we're all pretty pleased about that.

Emma-Lyn in her big girl car seat. She's also in a booster seat at the table now...She is growing up soo fast!
Sean is now in a booster seat in the car! He too is just growing up so fast!

Charlottetown Harbour.

Tea Hill

Tea Hill again.

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