Sunday, February 01, 2009

25 Things About Me

This is a meme that's been bouncing around Facebook and blogs for awhile and I've been tagged a few times and thought I'd put this on the ol' blog. You're supposed to tag some friends but I think I'll just let whoever wants to do it, go ahead and do it.

So here are 25 random things about me:

1. I grew up in Newmarket, Ontario and moved to Nova Scotia on my 14th birthday.
2. When I was 12 or so I got hit by a motorcycle.
3. When I was 2 I took off with my mom's sewing scissors and fell up the stairs and ended up tearing a tendon in my right arm and got to wear a cast!
4. My favourite desert is strawberry shortcake.
5. I am currently watching the superbowl with my friends...It's Brian's birthday (well it was on Wednesday but we're celebrating tonight.) We had cake at halftime.
6. I've owned cats, dogs, fish, hamsters, and a guinea pig (really the guinea pig was my sister's)
7. Now we don't have any pets. :(
8. I've lived in Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.
9. I sat in the back seat of a police cruiser...I was little and some neighbourhood kid had taken me for a ride on his mom didn't know where I was..Thankfully they found me eh?!
10. I fell off a cliff while I was taking pictures with some friends.
11. I don't really like talking on the phone, I'd much rather talk to people in person.
12. I've been in a small plane was winter and we went off the runway.
13. One of the first times I got to take my parent's car out for a drive, it was winter and I put it in the the end of our driveway.
14. I used to play the clarinet.
15. I don't like to shop unless I know exactly what I want and know where I'm going to get it.
16. I love the beach! Anytime of the year!
17. I want to go camping this summer.
18. My friend Mary and I painted, "End the Strike" on the roof of Allison Gardens at 1 o'clock in the morning...that building no longer exists.
19. My favourite time of year is the summer...I love being outside and playing with the kids!
20. Once worked for an elderly lady who accidently peed in her rubber boots...I got to clean the boots.
21. Also for this same elderly lady I found a dead cat in her front room...I got to bury the cat...with a shovel that had a hole in the blade of
22. I worked two summers as Daisy the Talking Cow at Magic Valley Theme Park in Nova Scotia.
23. I love to be with my friends and just be silly!
24. I have the sweetest and funniest children on the planet!...I'm not biased at all.
25. My husband is my bestest friend. I do and say all kinds of stupid stuff and he still loves me!!

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mary e said...

Wow, I'm in two of your memes! I'm not sure if that's good or scary, frankly. At least I didn't run you over with a motorbike.