Thursday, February 19, 2009

Finally My Valentine's Day Post!

So yeah, Valentine's Day! It was a BLAST! On Friday my oldie called and asked if I could work for four hours on Saturday so I figured, what the hey?! The money will pay for supper! I had a lovely morning working with Eva. It had been awhile so it was nice to catch up. While I was out Grant and Shelley were in to pick up the kids. I'm pretty sure that Sean was excited about going!

When I got home the kiddos were gone, we had the place to ourselves! So guess what I did?! I napped! Ahhh and what a glorious nap that was! After nap time we got ourselves together and did a little shopping...Marko got me a beautiful mini rose bush, that I just love! I hope I don't end up killing the poor thing!

After our shopping excursion we headed home to spruce ourselves up for our date at RumRunners.

Here we are all set to go!!

Oooh and here's my rose bush!

Anyhoo, on our way there I got to thinking about where they might seat us and was nervous that we would end up near the door or somewhere drafty...Was I ever wrong! We pretty much got the best seats in the house! They have a raised platform where there's just three tables and a fireplace. Our table had a great curved and cushioned seat and two chairs. We got to snuggle up close on the curved seat and enjoy the ambiance. We both ended up having the same thing for supper, except that Marko had a Ceasar salad and I had a tossed salad (with the most scrumptious honey basil dressing!) Our main course was chicken stuffed with tomatoes, havarti, pesto and pecans (DELISH!!) along with tasty roasted red potatoes and steamed vegetables! YUMMMY! For dessert we shared a brownie with icecream, whipped cream and chocolate syrup! Again, YUMMMMY!

It was such a wonderful and relaxed evening! It was really great not to have to worry about a babysitter and time schedules and such. We just enjoyed every moment we had together...So lovely.

As for the kiddos, they had a fine time with the Canfields!! Sean played with trains and any other toys around and Emma-Lyn had a great time puttering around and being cute :) I was so thrilled to learn how well they had done on their very first sleepover ever and the nice things that Grant and Shelley had to say about my kiddos sure warmed my heart! :)

Sean showing off the trains...

Having some breakfast...Apparently Grant mentioned to Sean how much fun the sleepover was and that they should do it again sometime and Sean said, yep and then maybe you come over to my house!! Isn't that just so cute?!

I LOVE this picture! This is Josiah reading to the kiddos...Looks like Sean's digging for gold though...

And now for some more random pictures:
Sean and I managed to get out and make another snowman! Its so much fun to play in the snow with him. Emma-Lyn is beginning to enjoy it too but it's harder for her to get around to play very much yet.

Playing in the tub!

So.... Someday she's gonna want to kill me for this one!

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