Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Getting Through the Winter Blahs

What with all the snowstorms and such it's nice to get out do something fun as a family! This Sunday we went tobogganing! The kids loved it and Marko and I had a really good time too! There was lots of crisp white snow to plod through and coast down! Emma-Lyn really enjoyed going down the hill at Grace. And this Saturday we get to do it all over again with our friends the Petrofskys. They have a lovely big place out in Clinton with a most magnificent hill that I am just uber excited to sled down!

Another fun acitivity that I've started this winter is being involved in our church's new outreach. There is quite number of new comers to PEI and we've started up an ESL class to help them learn English. Last Thursday was our first class and it was so much fun. I'm so thankful for all the other ladies that have volunteered their time to be teachers and help in this really fun and educational outreach.

And now for some random pics:

Emma-Lyn all set to go shopping!

Sean with Emma-Lyn's other winter coat and my purse...not sure where he thinks he's going!

Milk...She drinks it by the gallon!

Me and my sweet, sweet big boy!

Emma-Lyn being a goof! She loves to put stuff on her head...the worst is when she tries to walk around with it on her head!

On our way to go tobogganing or as they say in Nova Scotia, going coasting.

All set to go down the hill!

Me and my super cute hubby!

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Bernie said...

We Powers call it coasting too!!