Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sledding at the Skys!

We are having a really fun weekend so far! On Saturday we were invited out to our friend's place to go sledding. They have a most wonderful Inn and home up on this really great hill. The fam and I as well as Jennie, Malcom and Nancy all headed out in our little caravan to the Sky's place. It was a picture perfect day, the sun was shining and the temperature was just about right. As soon as we got there Miriam, Gabe, Seth and Joel and Josiah (another friend of the Sky's) all got their gear on and we headed out to the hills...SO MUCH FUN!! Sean and Emma-Lyn had a blast. I'm pretty sure my baby girl loves speed!! She had the best time zipping down the slopes. She wasn't so thrilled when Jennie and I took to another part of the hill where we ended up going down it at a snail's pace!

Here I let the pictures do the talking:

Doesn't that look like a great hill?! It even had a couple really cool jumps in it that sent a few of us flying, as you'll soon see...

Me and Miriam all set to go down the hill!

Emma-Lyn just taking the whole event in. She loved just watching everyone else go whizzing down the hill too.

Trudging back up the hill. This was the hard part! It was a really long hill and the snow was thick so the walking up the hill really taught you just how out of shape you really were!

Malcolm just relaxing in the snow.

Jennie just before our oh so slow sled ride down the hill.

It was such a gorgeous day!!

Joel getting air on the jump! This is my favourite shot!

Ahhh, sweet victory!

And this was Gabe's attempt...His sled stopped but he didn't...went right through the jump. To be fair, Gabe had had many great jumps but this is the one I caught on camera.

Heading down the hill...

There they go...I think Seth is in trouble...

Yep, yep he is...time to just curl up in the ol' crazy carpet.

And Miriam makes it down the fartherst!

Isn't that an amazing hill?!

Marko going down!

And then we had some time for hot chocolate, brownies and nachos...oh and we talked some too while we stuffed our faces!

I didn't realize that Nancy had stuck her tongue out at me!

And here's the group sitting around what's left of the oh so yummy nachos!

And here's the rest of that fine group!

It was a super great day! Today we took the kids to the Library and a good time there. Then we had some friends in tonight to play some corporate shuffle and tomorrow we're off to look at another house. Yes, tomorrow is a holiday here on the Island...we call it Islander Day!! Yipppeeee!

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