Sunday, March 29, 2009

What Are You Scared Of?

Sean had just finished his evening bath and I wrapped him up in a nice warm fuzzy towel. He looked so sweet all cozy in his towel with the water dripping from his hair. He looked up at me as I pulled out his pj's and he said, "Mommy, I'm scared." As I continued to finish up his bath time routine I mindlessly asked, "What are you scared of sweetie?"
"I'm scared of losing my Mommy." Came the quiet reply.
"Are you going out tonight, Mommy?"
"Hmmm? Mmm, no sweetie, Momma's staying in tonight. Don't worry I don't plan on going anywhere honey." Still, I was concentrating more on what I was doing and trying to get done than what he was saying...sad to admit that....
Then he said, "That's good, cause I want you to stay n stay n stay....because I love you and love you and love you and love you and love you and love you."

Finally he had my attention. I knelt down and pulled him close to me and told him over and over again that I love him and loved him. And he nestled his little head on my shoulder and told me over and over again that he loved me.

It got me to thinking of times when I was little. I was probably around 8 or 9 years old and my sister was 11 or so and Mom and Dad would go out for the evening but not before making sure we had everything we'd need to have a fun evening ourselves. We had lots of junk food and pop, the couch was pulled out to the bed position so we had great seats to watch the movies that Mom and Dad got for us. Yep, we pretty much had everything we wanted and we were thrilled and enjoyed it immensely! And I would be fine until midnight came, because for some strange reason, in my mind I figured that was the absolute time that Mom and Dad should be back from their evening out.

So, once it was 12 o'clock I would head upstairs and wait in the living room. I would pull across the shear curtain and watch the driveway for their headlights. And as time wore on I would start to whimper and cry because I reasoned that the only reason they could be out so late is if they were dead. (Nope, couldn't be having a good time with their friends or something equally pleasant..nope, they were more likely in an accident somewhere.) and oh how my little imagination would get the best of me and I'd bawl just looking out the window...until relief came...the car headlights! What a beacon of hope and reassurance! They were home and they were safe...right where they should be.

So, yeah. I can really relate to Sean, I don't want to lose my parents either. They're just so precious and I love them and love them and love them!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Woud You Like to Win a Contest?

My good friend Gloria is hosting a wonderful little contest on her blog; GloryBHere. To be sure, this will be a contest to get you thinking and doing! And you have a choice in prizes! So be sure to pop on over there by clicking here.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Has it Been a Week Already?!

Wow, where does the time go?! We had a nice weekend. I didn't have to work on Saturday so we decided to go to the local Farmers Market. Sean was super excited about this. Marko hadn't been to it since the nineties! I've been there a few times and always enjoyed all the great stuff you could get there.

We got there just in time for snack and Sean had his heart set on a hot dog. And oh what a hotdog he was huge! And he ate it right up, bun and all! I had a tasty oktoberfest sausage and Marko got some sweet cinnamon rolls. Emma-Lyn snacked on the cinnamon rolls...girly has a sweet tooth. We bought some produce and just enjoyed looking at all the different booths and different eateries they had to offer. We'll definitely be going back again.

Sunday was fairly quiet. Emma-Lyn and I stayed home from church since we seemed to be dealing with colds and didn't think others would want us to share it with them. But now Sean also has a decent cold. I had them both to the doctor's (not specifically for the colds...Emma-Lyn has been having some bowel movement issues shall we say) and anyhoo, the doctor prescribed some antibiotics for Emma-Lyn--guess it looked like she was headed for an ear infection so we're trying to nip that one in the bud!

Emma-Lyn is so funny these days. She LOVES to go on outings. If she sees you get out her jacket, she'll make a bee line for you and back into you so you can put the jacket on her. And if you show her, her shoes she'll do the same thing. So cute! She continues to attempt to climb anything! Today she finally managed to hoist herself on top of our coffee table. You should have seen the look of accomplishment on her face!!

Sean is getting funnier every day. I love talking with him and asking him questions just to find out what he's thinking. Apparently whenever we move, Sean is going to build our moving truck for us!! I've also found out that Sean has specific jobs that are his to do when we go out. For instance, if we have to park in front of a meter, it is Sean's job to put the money in the slot! He takes this very seriously. He also loves to spell and figure out what letters words start with. It seems he's constantly asking what this or that starts with. As for words he knows now, he knows the, and & goose. We haven't done much more work with that but I love how keen he is about the words he knows. The other day we went to The Root Cellar and as we drove up, Sean got all excited and started yelling, "There's THE Mommy!! There's THE!!"

Emma-Lyn's favourite phrase thus far is: "uh-oh" and she says it in this super sweet voice too.

I have some great pictures I'll have to post soon of us and the MacDonalds checking out the whale display they had up at the Confed Court Mall. It was realy neat!

Monday, March 16, 2009

You're All Probably Tired of Winter But...

Bonnie and the kiddos and I went for a leisurely drive awhile back (not long after an ice storm) and took a lot of pictures. And I thought I'd finally take a moment and post a couple of my favourites!

The kids enjoyed the ride too as they got to stuff their faces full of doughnuts! Emma-Lyn just kept piling back the timbits!! Her whole face was covered in sugary goodness!! :)

Monday, March 09, 2009

My Laptop Has Died...

It has finally happened, I knew the end was in sight and now it's all over. My poor 7 year old laptop will no longer boot up anything. It now resides in Sean's room where he can run in periodically and "check his email" I think it's a hoot! I'm currently using the laptop that Marko brought home for work as a temporary substitute. We're looking into getting a netbook in the near future.

So for now, until I get all my old info onto this lappy, there won't be many pictures. But I have a few cute stories.

Sean and Emma-Lyn are really enjoying playing together these days. Sean especially loves to have Emma-Lyn around and gets upset when I put her down for a nap. At bedtime he insists that Emma-Lyn come to his room for stories and songs. I just love how much he loves his little sister. He helps her up (usually just after he's pushed her down) and he'll give her a kiss. He'll usher her about the house to keep her out of cute.

But my favourite thing that Sean has done recently involves some friends of ours, the Skys (short for Petrofsky) They're a family that has an inn out in Clinton and they hold performances there over the summer. They provide a wonderful mix of celtic fiddle music and dance and the gospel. If you ever come visit the Island they are a MUST SEE! Anyhoo, they come to our Tuesday night Bible study and Sean thinks they are the best! He just loves them to death and thinks that everyone else should love them too. He talks about them all the time and was super thrilled to find out that there are some videos of their performances online. We watch them just about every day! He especially loves the video of Gabe and Miriam stepdancing.

So the other day we were watching the stepdancing video when Sean mentions that Gabe could teach Emma-Lyn how to step dance. So I asked him if Gabe could teach him to stepdance. And he informs me that he already knows how and doesn't need any help. I said, "Then show me your stepdancing moves buddy!!" And didn't my sweet lad of a boy jump to the occasion?!! He was leaping and stomping about doing the BEST toddler stepdancing this side of Ireland! It was so hilarious! And he even remembered to bow at the end! And of course he wanted to do it again and decided that the ceramic tile in the kitchen made for a better stage and proceded to perform his dance from there.

Emma-Lyn not to be out done, tried her hand at some dancing...except hers mainly involved going around and around and around in circles...this was also funny...she lost her balance and plop she was down on her butt. But quickly, she was up again and twirlling away...trying to be a bit more careful this time!

I LOVE my kids! They bring me such joy and blessing!

Here is a clip of the Skys in performance:

Sunday, March 01, 2009

What's New....hmmmm

Well I guess first off, it was nice to wish Gramma Hope, Happy Birthday yesterday. Sean was excited about singing to her over the phone! Emma-Lyn just looked at us all like we had rocks in our heads!

The kids are growing up so fast! Emma-Lyn has decided that she would like to climb up on everything. And she's getting pretty good at it too. It's kinda funny to watch her attempt something that is a little too high for her. She'll get all frustrated and kinda grump at the object that won't let her up.

Both kids are quite into reading! Emma-Lyn will pick up a book and toddle over to the nearest empty lap, hold her arms up and wait for you to pick her up and read to her. And while you attempt to read to her she'll keep trying to shut the book. Sean is just learning a couple words. He pretty much knows the and goose. He wanted to learn the word goose. He doesn't get it every time but enjoys being a detective to go looking for it. We've also adjusted his bedtime routine a bit, after doing the regular bit of bath time and stories and songs and then prayer and then lights out, now before lights out he gets 10 minutes of book time. He really seems to like it!

My sweet big boy.

Emma-Lyn our budding puppeteer!