Monday, March 23, 2009

Has it Been a Week Already?!

Wow, where does the time go?! We had a nice weekend. I didn't have to work on Saturday so we decided to go to the local Farmers Market. Sean was super excited about this. Marko hadn't been to it since the nineties! I've been there a few times and always enjoyed all the great stuff you could get there.

We got there just in time for snack and Sean had his heart set on a hot dog. And oh what a hotdog he was huge! And he ate it right up, bun and all! I had a tasty oktoberfest sausage and Marko got some sweet cinnamon rolls. Emma-Lyn snacked on the cinnamon rolls...girly has a sweet tooth. We bought some produce and just enjoyed looking at all the different booths and different eateries they had to offer. We'll definitely be going back again.

Sunday was fairly quiet. Emma-Lyn and I stayed home from church since we seemed to be dealing with colds and didn't think others would want us to share it with them. But now Sean also has a decent cold. I had them both to the doctor's (not specifically for the colds...Emma-Lyn has been having some bowel movement issues shall we say) and anyhoo, the doctor prescribed some antibiotics for Emma-Lyn--guess it looked like she was headed for an ear infection so we're trying to nip that one in the bud!

Emma-Lyn is so funny these days. She LOVES to go on outings. If she sees you get out her jacket, she'll make a bee line for you and back into you so you can put the jacket on her. And if you show her, her shoes she'll do the same thing. So cute! She continues to attempt to climb anything! Today she finally managed to hoist herself on top of our coffee table. You should have seen the look of accomplishment on her face!!

Sean is getting funnier every day. I love talking with him and asking him questions just to find out what he's thinking. Apparently whenever we move, Sean is going to build our moving truck for us!! I've also found out that Sean has specific jobs that are his to do when we go out. For instance, if we have to park in front of a meter, it is Sean's job to put the money in the slot! He takes this very seriously. He also loves to spell and figure out what letters words start with. It seems he's constantly asking what this or that starts with. As for words he knows now, he knows the, and & goose. We haven't done much more work with that but I love how keen he is about the words he knows. The other day we went to The Root Cellar and as we drove up, Sean got all excited and started yelling, "There's THE Mommy!! There's THE!!"

Emma-Lyn's favourite phrase thus far is: "uh-oh" and she says it in this super sweet voice too.

I have some great pictures I'll have to post soon of us and the MacDonalds checking out the whale display they had up at the Confed Court Mall. It was realy neat!


Anonymous said...

Sean and I went to Farmer's market last summer. He had a huge hotdog then . I wonder if he remembered.
Grammie Peric
hope all feel better soon .

Laura said...

That's so cool Grammie! I think maybe he did remember. What a guy!

StephanieAllen said...

I can't remember if I suggested this before, but I have a suggestion for the bowel issues. Ground flax, which you can add to pretty much any baby food puree, does wonders for Gwen when she's dealing with it. I just put a spoonful in to the puree. You could start with once a day and then up it. Gwen got it younger than Emma-Lyn is. It's a nice, natural way to maybe help. If it doesn't make a big difference, there are tons of health benefits to ground flax anyway. Good luck!!

Laura said...

Now, does the flax make them poop? Cause she poops alright but it's always mushy. She hasn't had a formed poop in I don't know how long and I was getting a bit concerned about it and the fact that she poops like 3 to 4 times a day. And the colours! Oh my word the colours. The doctor said that she'd grow out of it and we'd just have to wait it out.

StephanieAllen said...

Oooooh, heh heh, I was thinking it was the other way. No, maybe stay away from the flax Honestly though, Gwen was like that too. I remember hearing and reading about formed poops for her age and wondering when she would start. She was a loose poop girl for a very long time. And I think that over time I saw just about every colour of the rainbow. Once I saw an almost white! I think you're safe to just rest assured that doc is right. Although I know it can be messy, doesn't sound like a health concern. :)

Laura said...

Thanks Steph!! So glad you commented on this! Sean wasn't like this at all so I was really surprised with all the rainbow slushy poop! It is very comforting to know you went through this too and that Gwen turned out great, poop and all!! :)