Sunday, March 01, 2009

What's New....hmmmm

Well I guess first off, it was nice to wish Gramma Hope, Happy Birthday yesterday. Sean was excited about singing to her over the phone! Emma-Lyn just looked at us all like we had rocks in our heads!

The kids are growing up so fast! Emma-Lyn has decided that she would like to climb up on everything. And she's getting pretty good at it too. It's kinda funny to watch her attempt something that is a little too high for her. She'll get all frustrated and kinda grump at the object that won't let her up.

Both kids are quite into reading! Emma-Lyn will pick up a book and toddle over to the nearest empty lap, hold her arms up and wait for you to pick her up and read to her. And while you attempt to read to her she'll keep trying to shut the book. Sean is just learning a couple words. He pretty much knows the and goose. He wanted to learn the word goose. He doesn't get it every time but enjoys being a detective to go looking for it. We've also adjusted his bedtime routine a bit, after doing the regular bit of bath time and stories and songs and then prayer and then lights out, now before lights out he gets 10 minutes of book time. He really seems to like it!

My sweet big boy.

Emma-Lyn our budding puppeteer!

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