Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hey Look, Another Post!! :)

I figure for now, whenever I think to blog and have time and stuff to blog about I'll get right on it! :)

And I can't believe I didn't mention Easter in my last post! Easter here was pretty laid back. The night before Marko and I hid the eggs for Sean and Emma-Lyn, we were pretty excited to see what Emma-Lyn would think of the whole thing. Funny part is that we all got up late. It was after 7:30 when the kids finally got up and then we didn't get hunting until after 8. Emma-Lyn loved the Easter eggs...she loved them so much she wanted to eat them with the wrappers on!! Sean was very good at finding the Easter eggs and sharing them with Emma-Lyn. We read the Easter story to both of them and really enjoyed being together as a family. We were invited out to Grammy MacKinnon's for dinner. (aka Jennie's mom) And it was wonderful! So much food and good friends (really they're family) and Grammy even had a little treat for all the grandchildren! Yum!

This weekend has also been really nice. Marko had worked extra late on Monday and the boss let him have Friday off!! We decided to go out for lunch as a family. Sean picked Mosaic...not exactly the most kid friendly place but it's what he chose so we went. It was wonderful! The meals were great and the kids did great too. I was afraid that they would get bored and get noisy but they didn't. There was a fish tank handy for them to look at so that kept them amused! :) I was surprised at how relaxing it was to have a meal out as a family! Must do this again sometime!

Tonight we went out to the Sky's for a dandy waffle supper!! Yummy! Miriam and Marko were our resident waffle makers, so we had a taste off! And Marko won! He was pretty pleased about that. It was really nice to visit with them, eat lots of waffles and have some prayer time before they head out on their concert tour.

Emma-Lyn's first go at pig-tails! Too funny!

The kids all enjoying their suckers at Grammy MacKinnon's. They all got their own stuffed dog too. Emma-Lyn has taken quite a shining to hers. After nap, she'll grab it and her blanky before she'll let you take her out of her crib!

Sean has really gotten into puzzles lately and this is favourite!

Hunting for Easter eggs...keeping up a Hope tradition here in skipping out on baskets and using plastic bowls instead :)

She found one!

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