Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Looking Forward to Sunday :)

This Sunday we are headed to the mainland!! Cannot wait! Just 4 more sleeps! Sean is pretty excited to go see his Gramma and Grampa Hope too! Dad is doing well and Mom and Karina are keeping the business afloat! Can't wait to visit with them!

Another secret that we've slowly been letting out of the bag is that we're moving! We're headed to Lower Montague! This will be decidedly wonderful for us since this will put us just 15 minutes away from Marko's work! So no more 1 hour commute for him!! You may be asking when we're moving and the answer to that is...we're not sure. The story behind the house we're moving to is a little complicated, but the short story is that it's the opportunity of a lifetime. We had the place offered to us for two years and all we have to pay is the heat and lights. We're pretty excited about that! The thing is that the house does need some major repairs. Mostly the roof! Lots of damage there and it's gonna take some money (we don't have to pay for it mind you, but because of this cost there may be a bit of a waiting time before anything gets done to the place) We're praying that the money will come sooner than later and hopefully we'll be up there sometime this summer! I'll have to post some pics of the place for you.

My pregnancy is going well. I do get nauseated over smells and such and end up gagging and the like a bit but I'm used to it so it's not too big a deal...although dirty diapers require a bit of a prayer before I crack 'em open!

And have you ever had one of those times when you're having a most delightful visit with a friend that you lose all track of time?! I was having such a great visit with my friend Carolyn, just chatting and laughing and crying and more laughing that when I finally asked what time it was it was nearly two o'clock!! IN THE MORNING!!!! Yikes! Not a smart move for a pregnant lady with two kids at home who would be up in less than 5 hours!! But ya know, I wouldn't have changed it for the world! Too much fun talking!! Hmmmm, I wonder who I get that from, eh Mom?!!

And I'm sure this is something else I get from my mom...the sillies! I love my hat!! :) And yes, they are all clean diapers!!! LOL

We brought out Sean's old trampoline to see how the little girls would enjoy it...They LOVED it!

Hannah especially got a big kick out this thing!! :)

And I just have to say I LOVE this picture!! Emma-Lyn decided that she should wash Sean's hair.

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Anonymous said...

SO you ARE coming to Montague - and that is ONE BIG house - lol. I hope you're coming soon too - we've had a number of people away...going away...not here, so if you come to the chapel, you'll be most welcome :) That is one BIG house - man alive! ha ha! I will be praying it will get fixed so you can move in soon.......where abouts in Lower Montague is it? Keep me posted...........