Saturday, April 18, 2009

So its been awhile...

I don't know whether it's because nothing too interesting is going on here or maybe I'm spending way too much time on Facebook but its nearly been two weeks since I last updated this thing! Yikes! I'm gonna have to get back into a schedule or something to keep this up to date:)

Sean continues to be a really big helper. He loves to help you do whatever you're doing. He's starting to get the knack of pouring his own juice for himself...this we discovered the other day as he got the jug of juice, got up on a kitchen chair and proceeded to pour juice in his cup! There was some spillage but considering it was his first attempt, he did a really good job of it!

Today was especially funny, to me anyways. I had bought some new furniture polish and Sean has just been dying to try the stuff out. And today was Polish day! Every time we turned around he wanted to know if it was time to polish! We finally did get to it and he was in there just a scrubbing his little heart out. It's a non-chemical cleaner so I thought it would be okay for him to do.

People have even noticed Sean's helpfulness when we're out and about. One time he helped daddy take the bread to the counter and the clerk was so impressed he gave Sean a lollipop. He was mighty pleased about that! It's funny you know, even with these special times I find myself getting caught up in all the "No, don't do that!," "Please stop hurting your sister!" "Would you please get DOWN from there!!!" That I can loose sight of how much fun it is to be my chidren's mom.

I really have to stop myself, settle down and just watch them and ENJOY them rather than nit picking every last thing that they do. I know they aren't perfect (neither am I) and I don't want to waste this precious time trying to make them that way and becoming more and more frustrated when they don't. They are precious and wonderful and I just LOVE them to bits, the good and the bad, I'll take it all just to be their mom.

Oh and Sean was so sweet tonight at super. We were having Chicken a La King and he asks, "Who made it?" (sometimes we have cassaroles or spaghetti sauce that Gramma Hope has made for us) and I said, "Mommy did." And with the biggest smile ever he looks at me and says, "Thank you Mommy!" pause..."I need to come over there and hug you." He hugs me and I whisper, "I'm so glad to be your mom..." He replies, "I'm glad I get to be your boy." Cue heart melting music...

Picture time, most of these are from awhile ago but were stuck on my old compy.

We went sledding and Emma-Lyn had a BLAST, this girl loves speed!

Sean and Emma-Lyn having a nice little picnic together on the kitchen floor.

Emma-Lyn continues to climb everything and anything and tries to do everything that her big brother is doing. These two are so sweet together...that is when they're not stealing toys from each other or whapping each other.

My happy little princess! :)

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