Sunday, April 05, 2009

What a Great Little Helper

Sean just loves to help! I love it! After supper he'll clear the table and he is just so excited about it. I'll be getting Emma-Lyn into the tub and he'll rush in to tell me that he's going to clean the kitchen just for Mommy. So cute. He loves to help with the dishes and pretty near anything that you're doing. He even got a special treat from the clerk at the bread store for helping his Daddy bring the bread to the counter. He was mighty pleased to pick out his own sucker!

It seems that PEI might actually be getting some spring weather!! Finally! We even went out with our friends Brian and Bonnie and their girls for a walk on the boardwalk. Sean and Abby had a great time running and meeting people. I'm so excited about warmer weather. To see green grass and leaves on trees and the warmth of the sunshine would be fantastic!!

We're actually hoping to move this spring/summer if things pan out. We're pretty excited about this. We've loved our apartment but it would be nice to move into a home! I'll let you know more details as we get things worked out.

And now some pics:

All of us out on the boardwalk... Such a great day!

Emma-Lyn in her cute little sunhat

Sean and Abby in front of the big whale display they had in the Confed Court Mall. This was really quite cool and I have a few other pics I should post of this. You could actually walk inside it, all Jonah style! :)

Emma-Lyn and her first go at pigtails!! What a nutter! But so cute and yeah there's a bit of a gash in her tongue, she fell out of her rocking chair and bit her tongue pretty good.

My two cutie pies standing on the ottoman...this is Emma-Lyn's favourite thing to do these days!

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