Friday, May 29, 2009

Just a Bit of This and A Bit of That

Things here are staying fairly busy. We've finally been getting some nice weather so going to the park has been fun. The kids and I even made a trek all the way up to the mall and back. Sean walked the entire way himself and didn't complain at all. I was so proud of him! He slept like a rock that night.

Had a really great tool moment not that long ago. The day seemed to get off on the right foot but about by the mid point you could tell that things were quickly unraveling. I went into Sean's room only to discover that he had gotten in touch with his artistic side and coloured all kinds of lovely designs in black crayon all over his closet doors. Joy... Then Emma-Lyn grabs the box of baking soda I was using to help clean off the decorations and proceeds to dump the entire contents on the kitchen floor. And the moment that was the icing on top of this cake of a day: When I sat down in the tub with my book and my drink...okay so that part wasn't too amazing but as I gazed around the bathroom I said out loud to no one in particular, that I really should give the bathroom a good cleaning soon. And would you believe that mere seconds later the shower curtain rod fell and smashed my glass into many, many teeny tiny pieces...Some fell into the tub with me and others managed to slip behind the toilet...Great! I was never so pleased to fall into bed as I was that night! :)

Our latest adventure has been with Emma-Lyn. Yesterday she was unusually cranky and it didn't occur to me to check her temp until close to bedtime, poor little thing had a fever. We gave her some Tylenol and sent her to bed. Well this morning she woke up early with a temp of 102! We were more than a little shocked at that but we gave her a bit more Tylenol and put her back down to sleep. At 8 we checked her temp again and it was still hovering above 100, so off to the doctor's we went. Thankfully Jennie was free and able to take us over there. Turns out baby girl has a swollen throat and an infected tonsil. She had a rough day today and was fairly clingy but by supper time (after her first dose of prescribed meds) she was almost back to her happy go lucky little self.

Sean was funny tonight. He insists these days to brush his teeth himself...that means he does it and you are not to be anywhere's near the bathroom. Which is fine he's a fairly proficeint little brusher so off I went to the kitchen to get his glass of water. And as I was heading over to his room I heard him praying in the bathroom. He was praying that God would take care of his little cute is that. What I loved was how he talked to God, "And God, you take care of Emma-Lyn, okay?!." Just like he was having a little chat with a friend.

Emma-Lyn learning how to go down the slide by herself. She still thinks that she should be able to just walk down the slide.

Happy girl.

I love this pic! I mean, could she stick that lower lip out any further?!! :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

If Only We Could Count...

Our trip to Halifax went really well. Marko was a little nervous about getting lost since he's never been to Halifax but he did great!! We even managed to make a stop for his work without messing up! We were so pleased with ourselves. We got in town in time to stop at Subway for lunch and then head over to the IWK for our appointment.

The IWK is a very, very large hospital. It has a Children's section and a Women's section. We had a little map to get us through the parkade and into the women's section. We thought we were in the right place and jumped onto the first elevator we found to the 7th floor...And that's when we realized we were definetly in the wrong place. Thankfully the nurses are very friendly and understanding and directed us to the correct elevators and off we went. Up we went again only to realize that we were supposed to go through admitting first to get our IWK card. Down we go again to get the card and then up, up, up again! Just as we made it back to wait in the crowded reception area a doctor had come in to find us and off we went again to a case room...only to find that it was already occupied. So we were left in the hallway while they searched for another room. They ended up having to use a records room to talk with us. They discussed everything with us and that there would be an ultrasound first to see if anything popped up and then we had the option of having an amniocentisis done.

The ultrasound went very well, it was great to see our little baby for the first time! The tech said that everything looked great but that the baby was a little small for the projected due date. She asked if we were quite sure of our previous dates and we definetly we'ren't one hundred percent about this but thought it was a pretty good estimate. The doctor came in and she felt that we were most likely off on our dates and that everything else looked great with the baby except for the size. With that information we opted out of having the amniocentisis done but we do have to go back to the IWK in three weeks or so for a follow up ultrasound to make sure that the baby is growing properly.

After our ultrasound we had to make a mad dash for the blood collection lab in the basement of the hospital to redo the maternal serum screening. We got there just in time but also realized that we had forgotten to leave our appointment card with the receptionist back on the 7th floor. Marko decided to take care of that while I had my blood drawn. It didn't take them any time at all to take my blood so I left the lab and thought my best bet was to wait at the elevators for Marko. We're not sure how we managed it but somehow Marko got past me and to the lab again. Thankfully the lab isn't far from the elevators so I heard him talking and we managed to make our way back to the car without getting any more mixed up!!

We met up with my friend Sarah at Kempster's Cookhouse for supper. It was a lovely visit and a very tasty supper. We decided at this time that we would take the 9:30 boat back to the Island which would give us just enough time to stop in to see my folks. Another lovely visit! It was short but so nice to see them! They even sent us home with some yummy goodies!!

The drive home went very well and we were very happy to be home again! Jennie had a great day with the kids. It was such a comfort to us to know that the kids were so well looked after. We don't know what we'd do without Jennie!! Thanks so much Jen! :)

So yeah, I guess if we had gotten our counting done right the first time we wouldn't have had to make the long trip to Halifax. That said, it was a really great trip. We got to see the baby and got two free ultrasound pictures of them and we visited with friends and family!

So are you wondering whether it's a boy or a girl? Well, Marko would like to keep it a secret yet so I guess ya'll will have to wait to find out a little longer...;)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Exciting Times!

Well, tomorrow Marko and I are off to Halifax to go to the IWK for some tests. My obgyn had called to say that one of my previous tests had come back higher than expected and they would like to do some more conclusive tests in Halifax. These tests are for Down's syndrome, Edwards syndrome and neural tube defects. That's not to say that the baby has any of these, just that its at a higher risk of having one of them.

I'm not too concerned about it since this is a test that often gives false positives initially but with a bit more testing things usually pan out fine. What I am kinda excited about is that the ultrasound is 3D and they will tell you the sex of your baby there!! I'd like to know this time so we can at least begin really looking for a name for this this point we have drawn a blank. We had thrown around a couple names earlier but none of them have stuck so hopefully this might help us figure out where to go with names!! :)

Other than that things are going pretty well here. Sean seems to think that every day is Mother's Day...which I am not complaining about! He'll just blurt out in the middle of the day, Happy Mother's Day Mommy!! He even instructed Jennie to tell his Mommy, happy mother's day!! And just the other day after saying happy mother's day he then proceded to clean up the kitchen!! Ohhhh how I hope this lasts well into his adulthood!!!! ;)

Yesterday, I had a lovely visit with my friend Kim from highschool. I hadn't seen her since I graduated and man it was really great to see her again and catch up on some 15 odd years that have flown by. I was afraid we might not get to connect since we were having trouble deciding on where and when to meet but in the end we met at McDonald's. Sean had a blast in the playplace and at one point needed a bit of help getting to a higher level and like a trooper Kim jumped in and crawled up to help him out!! That was funny! Wish I had taken a picture of that!

Tomorrow I hope to catch up with another very good friend of mine for supper after our appointment in Halifax! And then yet another great friend is popping over to the Island on the weekend!! I am so psyched to see all these gals and talk my face off!! Yay for friends!!! I LOVE EM!! :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So Good to Be Here...

and updating on a much more regular basis. I forgot how much I love to come to my little blog and just write about stuff!

Today was a day full of ups and downs. I love the ups but I'm not so fond of the downs and in particular, my role in the downs. I don't know why but sometimes I just end up yelling at Sean. I hate to admit, I hate the fact that I do it. The worst is when I catch myself in the middle of it and I don't stop it! I mean really, I am an adult and as such should behave like one! Ugh. And you know if I stop and think about it, I can figure out why I end up yelling at Sean... sometimes (most times) it's out of selfishness. I want to do one thing (i.e. read peacefully) and he would desperately like to do another and then I lose it.. Silly isn't it, such a trivial thing and yet there I go. Also during those times I can retrace my thoughts and realize that leading up to the argument my thoughts were anything but helpful to the situation. I always apologize to Sean afterwards and he forgives me and we move on. You may be wondering why I'm telling you this, well, it's because it's real. It's not some candy coated motherhood that I've enrolled in here. There are some deep trenches here that I struggle with and I think it's helpful to admit and share about it.

Phew, now with that out of the way, would you like to hear about the ups of today? :) I thought maybe you would. Today was a beautiful, sunshiny day! So we decided to pack a picnic and take it to the park. Sean and Emma-Lyn had a blast! Our neighbourhood park isn't the most amazing thing, what with only some swings and a metal jeep to play in, but the kids had fun anyways. We quickly scarfed down our lunch and then the kids took off running. They both really enjoyed the jeep, but they especially LOVED all the sand under the swings to play in! They were covered in it!!!

Once we made it home, I had them strip in the laundry room and then into the tub for a quick wash down. I think Emma-Lyn was a little confused and thought it was bedtime and wanted to brush her teeth after bath instead of getting changed right away. She was very happy about going down for her afternoon nap though, she went down like a sack of bricks!

Sean and I decided to spend some time looking at his letter and word flash cards. He had a hoot picking out all the letters of the alphabet but he really got into looking at the words. I would read and sound out the word for him and then put the word into a sentence. And do you know what he did? He would then make his own sentence with the word! So cool My favourite one was when the word was "I" and my sentence was I am your mom. And he came back with, And I am your son. Isn't that neat? I love seeing how kids think!

Emma-Lyn is getting to be quite the mimic these days. Just about anything Sean does, Emma-Lyn starts doing. He started playing Peek-A-Boo and she stopped what she was playing to cover her eyes and say boo. Another cute thing about her is her attachment to one of her toys. Gramma MacKinnon had given her a sweet pink plush puppy for Easter and she just adores it! She calls it her baby and wants to take it everywhere. Of course she sleeps with it too. When she gets up from her nap she'll grab her baby and her blanky and be ready to go! (Sarah S. it's the blanket you made her by the way!) So sweet!

My pretty little princess.

Looking a little nervous it would seem.

My hammy little man! :)

I asked him to blow a bubble and he was more than happy to oblige!! :)

Eyes, the window to the soul.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Sunday, May 10, 2009

How About That Mother's Day Eh?!

Well, we seemed to get off on a pretty good foot. We were dressed, breakfasted and out the door in good time to get to church. Emma-Lyn went to the nursery no problem and Sean came with us for meeting. Everything was going wonderfully, but then Sean got a terrible case of the wiggles and the talk out louds to the point that I had to take him out. We went back in and almost made it to the end of meeting but we had to take another time out and keep him on a tight leash at fellowship time. Marko got Emma-Lyn from the nursery where they informed him that she wasn't acting herself and seemed to have a rash on her cheeks.

I was in the auditorium with Sean when Marko brought in Emma-Lyn and we had a look at her face. It was unlike any rash we had seen on either of our kids before. It was like someone had taken a needle and poked her all over her cheeks. The dots weren't raised at all, it looked like they were in the skin. Since things seemed to be falling apart for us, we decided to bail and see if we couldn't get ourselves straightened out at home.

Emma-Lyn was also very tired so we decided to put her down for a nap, call Gramma Hope (aka Gramma Nurse for all hurts) and see what she thought of the situation. Sean also went to his room for some quiet time. After explaining things to Gramma Hope, it was decided that with me being pregnant and not knowing what this rash might be, that it was in our best interest to head to the ER and have this checked out.

Before we headed out we did manage to squeak in a most tasty lunch of Marko made waffles!! Yummmmmy!!

Thankfully Jennie took Sean for us while we took Emma-Lyn to the hospital. They were pretty quick to get us through to the nurse. The nurse was great and she explained that she had seen this kind of rash a lot, her son got it a lot especially if he was crying really hard. I guess it had something to do with their blood vessels popping a bit from over exertion. Then we settled in to wait....and wait and wait. We got in a little after 2 and now it was hitting 5. We were supposed to have been to Jennie's Grammy's by now for supper. We decided at this point that since they go from the worst case to least important, that Emma-Lyn's condition couldn't be all that bad and since the nurse had a good explaination and didn't seem too fazed by it, that we would pack it in.

We headed over to Grammy's and there was still food for us!! Sean had had a great time with Jennie and apparently ate like a horse! On our way home Sean decided that he didn't want to have a bath, he just wanted us to put him to bed...Sounded good to us so both kids were in their pjs and off to dreamland before 7 pm!

And now we're just waiting for folks to show up to celebrate Jennie's graduation and home coming! :)

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Happy Mother's Day...

To all the moms out there, I wish you a wonderful Mother's Day!!

I have had an almost Mother's Day Week!! Marko has brought me home a beautiful red rose, chocolates (M&Ms Yummy!!) and he sent me out shopping for a new purse! (which I dearly needed since my old one had some technical issues. i.e. the strap was always falling off and sending my purse crashing to the floor) And today we went out for supper at the Swiss Chalet...One of my favourite restaurants! Tomorrow afternoon we're invited out to Jennie's grandmother's place for a potluck! I'm really looking forward to that too! I'm so happy to have Jennie back from Cyprus too! True, I did love having her car and all the freedom it brang with it but, I'd much rather have my Jennie (or if Sean was here he would be adamant that she is HIS Jennie)

I love being Sean's and Emma-Lyn's mom! They are just so ridiculously cute and just so fascinating. Emma-Lyn's vocabulary has exploded!! She's been saying Mommy and Daddy and her fav, Uh oh! But now she's trying out all kinds of stuff. My mom is sure she said Gramma and she's also saying up, buh bye, shoes, hat, juice and it just keeps on a coming! So super sweet! She loves to point to her different body parts as you name them for her. She also dearly loves her big brother! She loves when he plays with her and makes her laugh. They have a great time playing a game that involves the two of them running through and around my legs. We play a round of this just about every day and you should hear the squeals of glee as they chase each other about!

And Sean is just such an amazing little boy. He wants to help and do so much stuff all on his own. And then the other morning while I had a crazy bad bought of morning sickness, he came in to tell me I would be okay and that he was going to help clean up...and he did! Emma-Lyn also came in and just patted my leg and looked up at me with those great big blue eyes of her. And today Sean, Emma-Lyn and Daddy were out playing in the driveway with the sidewalk chalk (I was working for my oldie) And Sean did quite a bit of work on his drawing so Daddy asked what it was and his response, "It's a sexuary" and Daddy, a little mystified by this asked, "A what?" "A sexuary, a place for animals where they can be safe." Marko tried to explain that the name is actually sanctuary but Sean was having none of that and was just as determined to inform Daddy that is was indeed a sexuary! We did make some progress and he started calling it a sanctuary by the end of the day.

Emma-Lyn pointing out her lovely little belly! :)

Little Mr.Smarty Pants Sean! He loves this little puzzle.

Friday, May 08, 2009

The Apple Incident...

As one of my last statuses on Facebook, I wrote: "Had a great time with my folks and things just got funnier when I nearly kicked an apple through my parent's windshield. I thought my mom would wet herself from laughing!"

Now to tell you how I nearly ended up doing this requires a little bit of back story so you can appreciate all the finer details.

While sitting and chatting in the living room I told my folks the story about the lady from church who offered me a jacket of hers. That in itself is not all that interesting or amusing, it was the way she offered it to me that makes you go, "huh?" She was sitting beside me and leans over and asks, "How big are you?" Up to this point we hadn't been chatting so to lead into a conversation with that was a little bit odd to me...I just shrugged my shoulders and said, "Big I guess." She leans in again and almost hisses, "I have this jacket that might fit you. I just HATE it and thought you might like it. It doesn't fit me right and besides, I just HATE it! Would you like it?" Again, what a weird way to offer someone something! I did take the jacket and I like it. It's suede and it fits, so I guess that's why I don't hate it?!!

Anyhoo, I told this story and everyone was like, wow! What a weird way to offer someone something, I hate it, so obviously you have no taste and would like to have this thing! Can you imagine doing that? Maybe a better approach would have been just to say "I have a jacket that doesn't fit or it isn't quite me, would you like it?" So after we made all our comments about it we moved on to other topics and enjoyed the rest of our time together. Then as we were leaving my Dad nearly jumps out of his chair and says, "Hey, do you like apples?" I happen to love apples and gave a hearty yes in reply. Dad was all, "Good, cause I HATE these ones, maybe you'd like them!"...No word of a lie folks...that is exactly how he offered them and only afterwards did he realize what he had done! That was funny!!

So to make sure I'd like them I tried one, it was yummy, so I decided to take the rest. Then I packed up my arms with our remaing stuff and headed out to the car. As I was juggling the stuff in my arms and trying to figure out how to fit things in my arms, the apple fell out of my hand and landed on the driveway. "Oh Poo" I yelped, looked up at mom and then gave the doomed apple a hearty kick. And as it sailed in the air, my breath caught in my throat as I saw it head towards my folk's car. I let the breath out and began laughing as the apple made it's soft landing in the yard! PHEW! Meanwhile Mom and I were laughing so hard we could barely see straight!!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Now About That Trip to NS..

It was a wonderful time to be sure!! Both kids LOVED going on the boat! Emma-Lyn was thrilled about running up and down the deck, trying out everything and looking at everything. She was also excited about meeting so many people. She'd walk up to people, put her little hand on their leg and look up at them with the biggest dimply smile she could could anyone resist that?! :) Needless to say she got lots of smiles back!

I love going to my folks's just such an event, and when we're only there for a day we gotta pretty much make it that way or else squander what precious time we have together. Every get together with my family seems like a celebration. As we drive in their long gravel driveway we start honking our horn and then their old German Shepherd will get up and start barking to make sure all residents of the house are aware of our arrival. And as we slide our car into its parking spot, out pops my family from the farmhouse! Hugs all around and in we tromp with our kids and all our stuff. :) We settle into the living room and the tongues just start a wagging, all at once of course, and the louder the better...Poor Marko, I'm sure he didn't know what hit him the first time he experienced my family and I getting together!

After lunch we headed down to my grandmother's nursing home to visit with her awhile. She was so excited to see the kids... You could hardly wipe the smile from her face. It was really lovely to see her and get some pictures of her with the kiddos. I wasn't sure what Sean would make of her. Would he be shy or scared of her since she was in a wheelchair and he doesn't see her all that often or would he be okay with her. He was great. Before we left, he ran over and gave Beppe a big hug and kiss...on the arm mind you but was sweet.

Back at the house Emma-Lyn and Gramma planted a bush together for Mother's Day (Sean got to do this with Grampa two years ago for Father's Day) Emma-Lyn wasn't quite sure what to make of it all, but was pleased to play with the dirt for awhile. Afterwards we took a leisurely stroll down to the pond.

I LOVE that pond. It is so peaceful, beautiful and downright relaxing. There are beautiful trees that line the pond and dip their branches in the water as the breeze gently moves through them. And watching the fish as they swim around can be quite mesmerizing.

We had a lovely dinner of seafood chowder (for those of us that like that kind of thing) and yummy beef casserole for those who aren't so into the food from the sea. And for dessert?!!! My fave of faves, Strawberry Shortcake!! :)

Then it was time to this is just about as fun as arriving here. We start with all the hugs and kisses good-bye and then pile the kids and our stuff in. We climb in ourselves and slide down the windows. As we slowly make our way out the driveway we wave our arms like mad! And you know that my family have all their arms up waving away. And of course we have to honk the horn a couple times too. And my favourite part about it is that we don't stop waving our arms until we're out of sight. I love that :)

Emma-Lyn enjoying the view.

The kiddos enjoying the sun on the deck together.

Sean just loves his Grampy!

Emma-Lyn had just about enough of this posing for pictures stuff and Mom was trying her best to get her to giggle :)

This is a walking doll that my sister got when she was little. My grandmother made the Dutch outfit its wearing. We thought it'd be neat to see what Emma-Lyn thought of her. Not surprising, is the fact that the doll is taller than Emma-Lyn :)
And here we are panting the bush...I don't remember what exactly it is but it's pretty

My 700th Post!!

And it's not the one I thought I'd write but, oh well... This post was going to be about our trip to the mainland to see my folks but now, after today it's gonna be about Facebook...

Anyone else out there checked this out, loves it, or is addicted to it? Yeah, I was on there a lot and for awhile I thought it was fun and great to keep in touch with so many people...and then it just started to crap out. I was up to about 180 friends and really a lot of them should be called acquaintances or past students and what business was it of mine to read their statuses or look at all their about honing you stalking skills!!! And then there was all the junk...the ridiculous applications you could add, the mindless games you could play and all those well meaning, but in the end, useless groups.

And then Facebook was ever improving it's look which really was no improvement at all. It only served to annoy people and force them to look at all the junk they really didn't want to read! ARGHHH already! And then today was the end for me, I didn't like the look, I was tired of the games and then every time I turned around to do something on FB, it wouldn't let me do it. Huge ARGHHH! So, in order to save my sanity and just the peace in my home I have deactivated my account. Maybe I'll reactivate it sometime but at this point, I really doubt it. I have my blog to keep people up to date with what happens here and if people have something that I should really hear about well, I do have a phone and a snappy little email address...So I guess you could say I'm going old school.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Things Kids Say!!

Sean was in the tub when he suddenly discovered his ni*ples. He kept pinching one of them and then looked up at me and asked, "Mommy, what are these?" I suppressed my giggle, and said, "Those are your ni*ples honey." He considered them again and then with a most quisitive look, he asks, "What are they for?" At this point I had to take a step back and try not to laugh. I wasn't sure what to tell him and decided to tell him that they were much like goose bumps when we get cold. He thought about this for a moment and then looked at me and stated, "Mommy, when I go outside my ni*ples grow!"

(Just so you know, I put the * in there so that people searching the proper word don't accidentally come across this site. I don't think those people would be looking for a story about a 3 year old boy and his self discovery.)