Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Exciting Times!

Well, tomorrow Marko and I are off to Halifax to go to the IWK for some tests. My obgyn had called to say that one of my previous tests had come back higher than expected and they would like to do some more conclusive tests in Halifax. These tests are for Down's syndrome, Edwards syndrome and neural tube defects. That's not to say that the baby has any of these, just that its at a higher risk of having one of them.

I'm not too concerned about it since this is a test that often gives false positives initially but with a bit more testing things usually pan out fine. What I am kinda excited about is that the ultrasound is 3D and they will tell you the sex of your baby there!! I'd like to know this time so we can at least begin really looking for a name for this baby...at this point we have drawn a blank. We had thrown around a couple names earlier but none of them have stuck so hopefully this might help us figure out where to go with names!! :)

Other than that things are going pretty well here. Sean seems to think that every day is Mother's Day...which I am not complaining about! He'll just blurt out in the middle of the day, Happy Mother's Day Mommy!! He even instructed Jennie to tell his Mommy, happy mother's day!! And just the other day after saying happy mother's day he then proceded to clean up the kitchen!! Ohhhh how I hope this lasts well into his adulthood!!!! ;)

Yesterday, I had a lovely visit with my friend Kim from highschool. I hadn't seen her since I graduated and man it was really great to see her again and catch up on some 15 odd years that have flown by. I was afraid we might not get to connect since we were having trouble deciding on where and when to meet but in the end we met at McDonald's. Sean had a blast in the playplace and at one point needed a bit of help getting to a higher level and like a trooper Kim jumped in and crawled up to help him out!! That was funny! Wish I had taken a picture of that!

Tomorrow I hope to catch up with another very good friend of mine for supper after our appointment in Halifax! And then yet another great friend is popping over to the Island on the weekend!! I am so psyched to see all these gals and talk my face off!! Yay for friends!!! I LOVE EM!! :)

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Sarah said...

Good luck at the IWK, I'll be thinking of you guys today!