Saturday, May 09, 2009

Happy Mother's Day...

To all the moms out there, I wish you a wonderful Mother's Day!!

I have had an almost Mother's Day Week!! Marko has brought me home a beautiful red rose, chocolates (M&Ms Yummy!!) and he sent me out shopping for a new purse! (which I dearly needed since my old one had some technical issues. i.e. the strap was always falling off and sending my purse crashing to the floor) And today we went out for supper at the Swiss Chalet...One of my favourite restaurants! Tomorrow afternoon we're invited out to Jennie's grandmother's place for a potluck! I'm really looking forward to that too! I'm so happy to have Jennie back from Cyprus too! True, I did love having her car and all the freedom it brang with it but, I'd much rather have my Jennie (or if Sean was here he would be adamant that she is HIS Jennie)

I love being Sean's and Emma-Lyn's mom! They are just so ridiculously cute and just so fascinating. Emma-Lyn's vocabulary has exploded!! She's been saying Mommy and Daddy and her fav, Uh oh! But now she's trying out all kinds of stuff. My mom is sure she said Gramma and she's also saying up, buh bye, shoes, hat, juice and it just keeps on a coming! So super sweet! She loves to point to her different body parts as you name them for her. She also dearly loves her big brother! She loves when he plays with her and makes her laugh. They have a great time playing a game that involves the two of them running through and around my legs. We play a round of this just about every day and you should hear the squeals of glee as they chase each other about!

And Sean is just such an amazing little boy. He wants to help and do so much stuff all on his own. And then the other morning while I had a crazy bad bought of morning sickness, he came in to tell me I would be okay and that he was going to help clean up...and he did! Emma-Lyn also came in and just patted my leg and looked up at me with those great big blue eyes of her. And today Sean, Emma-Lyn and Daddy were out playing in the driveway with the sidewalk chalk (I was working for my oldie) And Sean did quite a bit of work on his drawing so Daddy asked what it was and his response, "It's a sexuary" and Daddy, a little mystified by this asked, "A what?" "A sexuary, a place for animals where they can be safe." Marko tried to explain that the name is actually sanctuary but Sean was having none of that and was just as determined to inform Daddy that is was indeed a sexuary! We did make some progress and he started calling it a sanctuary by the end of the day.

Emma-Lyn pointing out her lovely little belly! :)

Little Mr.Smarty Pants Sean! He loves this little puzzle.

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