Sunday, May 10, 2009

How About That Mother's Day Eh?!

Well, we seemed to get off on a pretty good foot. We were dressed, breakfasted and out the door in good time to get to church. Emma-Lyn went to the nursery no problem and Sean came with us for meeting. Everything was going wonderfully, but then Sean got a terrible case of the wiggles and the talk out louds to the point that I had to take him out. We went back in and almost made it to the end of meeting but we had to take another time out and keep him on a tight leash at fellowship time. Marko got Emma-Lyn from the nursery where they informed him that she wasn't acting herself and seemed to have a rash on her cheeks.

I was in the auditorium with Sean when Marko brought in Emma-Lyn and we had a look at her face. It was unlike any rash we had seen on either of our kids before. It was like someone had taken a needle and poked her all over her cheeks. The dots weren't raised at all, it looked like they were in the skin. Since things seemed to be falling apart for us, we decided to bail and see if we couldn't get ourselves straightened out at home.

Emma-Lyn was also very tired so we decided to put her down for a nap, call Gramma Hope (aka Gramma Nurse for all hurts) and see what she thought of the situation. Sean also went to his room for some quiet time. After explaining things to Gramma Hope, it was decided that with me being pregnant and not knowing what this rash might be, that it was in our best interest to head to the ER and have this checked out.

Before we headed out we did manage to squeak in a most tasty lunch of Marko made waffles!! Yummmmmy!!

Thankfully Jennie took Sean for us while we took Emma-Lyn to the hospital. They were pretty quick to get us through to the nurse. The nurse was great and she explained that she had seen this kind of rash a lot, her son got it a lot especially if he was crying really hard. I guess it had something to do with their blood vessels popping a bit from over exertion. Then we settled in to wait....and wait and wait. We got in a little after 2 and now it was hitting 5. We were supposed to have been to Jennie's Grammy's by now for supper. We decided at this point that since they go from the worst case to least important, that Emma-Lyn's condition couldn't be all that bad and since the nurse had a good explaination and didn't seem too fazed by it, that we would pack it in.

We headed over to Grammy's and there was still food for us!! Sean had had a great time with Jennie and apparently ate like a horse! On our way home Sean decided that he didn't want to have a bath, he just wanted us to put him to bed...Sounded good to us so both kids were in their pjs and off to dreamland before 7 pm!

And now we're just waiting for folks to show up to celebrate Jennie's graduation and home coming! :)

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