Thursday, May 21, 2009

If Only We Could Count...

Our trip to Halifax went really well. Marko was a little nervous about getting lost since he's never been to Halifax but he did great!! We even managed to make a stop for his work without messing up! We were so pleased with ourselves. We got in town in time to stop at Subway for lunch and then head over to the IWK for our appointment.

The IWK is a very, very large hospital. It has a Children's section and a Women's section. We had a little map to get us through the parkade and into the women's section. We thought we were in the right place and jumped onto the first elevator we found to the 7th floor...And that's when we realized we were definetly in the wrong place. Thankfully the nurses are very friendly and understanding and directed us to the correct elevators and off we went. Up we went again only to realize that we were supposed to go through admitting first to get our IWK card. Down we go again to get the card and then up, up, up again! Just as we made it back to wait in the crowded reception area a doctor had come in to find us and off we went again to a case room...only to find that it was already occupied. So we were left in the hallway while they searched for another room. They ended up having to use a records room to talk with us. They discussed everything with us and that there would be an ultrasound first to see if anything popped up and then we had the option of having an amniocentisis done.

The ultrasound went very well, it was great to see our little baby for the first time! The tech said that everything looked great but that the baby was a little small for the projected due date. She asked if we were quite sure of our previous dates and we definetly we'ren't one hundred percent about this but thought it was a pretty good estimate. The doctor came in and she felt that we were most likely off on our dates and that everything else looked great with the baby except for the size. With that information we opted out of having the amniocentisis done but we do have to go back to the IWK in three weeks or so for a follow up ultrasound to make sure that the baby is growing properly.

After our ultrasound we had to make a mad dash for the blood collection lab in the basement of the hospital to redo the maternal serum screening. We got there just in time but also realized that we had forgotten to leave our appointment card with the receptionist back on the 7th floor. Marko decided to take care of that while I had my blood drawn. It didn't take them any time at all to take my blood so I left the lab and thought my best bet was to wait at the elevators for Marko. We're not sure how we managed it but somehow Marko got past me and to the lab again. Thankfully the lab isn't far from the elevators so I heard him talking and we managed to make our way back to the car without getting any more mixed up!!

We met up with my friend Sarah at Kempster's Cookhouse for supper. It was a lovely visit and a very tasty supper. We decided at this time that we would take the 9:30 boat back to the Island which would give us just enough time to stop in to see my folks. Another lovely visit! It was short but so nice to see them! They even sent us home with some yummy goodies!!

The drive home went very well and we were very happy to be home again! Jennie had a great day with the kids. It was such a comfort to us to know that the kids were so well looked after. We don't know what we'd do without Jennie!! Thanks so much Jen! :)

So yeah, I guess if we had gotten our counting done right the first time we wouldn't have had to make the long trip to Halifax. That said, it was a really great trip. We got to see the baby and got two free ultrasound pictures of them and we visited with friends and family!

So are you wondering whether it's a boy or a girl? Well, Marko would like to keep it a secret yet so I guess ya'll will have to wait to find out a little longer...;)

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Sassy_Canuk said...

AUGGHH!!! LAURA!!!!! the anticipation is killing me LOL

Glad you had a good trip and everything went well, fairly well haha
how long do we have to be tortured err... I mean, wait?