Friday, May 29, 2009

Just a Bit of This and A Bit of That

Things here are staying fairly busy. We've finally been getting some nice weather so going to the park has been fun. The kids and I even made a trek all the way up to the mall and back. Sean walked the entire way himself and didn't complain at all. I was so proud of him! He slept like a rock that night.

Had a really great tool moment not that long ago. The day seemed to get off on the right foot but about by the mid point you could tell that things were quickly unraveling. I went into Sean's room only to discover that he had gotten in touch with his artistic side and coloured all kinds of lovely designs in black crayon all over his closet doors. Joy... Then Emma-Lyn grabs the box of baking soda I was using to help clean off the decorations and proceeds to dump the entire contents on the kitchen floor. And the moment that was the icing on top of this cake of a day: When I sat down in the tub with my book and my drink...okay so that part wasn't too amazing but as I gazed around the bathroom I said out loud to no one in particular, that I really should give the bathroom a good cleaning soon. And would you believe that mere seconds later the shower curtain rod fell and smashed my glass into many, many teeny tiny pieces...Some fell into the tub with me and others managed to slip behind the toilet...Great! I was never so pleased to fall into bed as I was that night! :)

Our latest adventure has been with Emma-Lyn. Yesterday she was unusually cranky and it didn't occur to me to check her temp until close to bedtime, poor little thing had a fever. We gave her some Tylenol and sent her to bed. Well this morning she woke up early with a temp of 102! We were more than a little shocked at that but we gave her a bit more Tylenol and put her back down to sleep. At 8 we checked her temp again and it was still hovering above 100, so off to the doctor's we went. Thankfully Jennie was free and able to take us over there. Turns out baby girl has a swollen throat and an infected tonsil. She had a rough day today and was fairly clingy but by supper time (after her first dose of prescribed meds) she was almost back to her happy go lucky little self.

Sean was funny tonight. He insists these days to brush his teeth himself...that means he does it and you are not to be anywhere's near the bathroom. Which is fine he's a fairly proficeint little brusher so off I went to the kitchen to get his glass of water. And as I was heading over to his room I heard him praying in the bathroom. He was praying that God would take care of his little cute is that. What I loved was how he talked to God, "And God, you take care of Emma-Lyn, okay?!." Just like he was having a little chat with a friend.

Emma-Lyn learning how to go down the slide by herself. She still thinks that she should be able to just walk down the slide.

Happy girl.

I love this pic! I mean, could she stick that lower lip out any further?!! :)


Bernie said...

Oh,my she is growing such a precious little girl. No doubt her big brother is protective.

Mary E said...

Hey freak!! Check your email. Want to meet up at Magic Mountain?