Wednesday, May 06, 2009

My 700th Post!!

And it's not the one I thought I'd write but, oh well... This post was going to be about our trip to the mainland to see my folks but now, after today it's gonna be about Facebook...

Anyone else out there checked this out, loves it, or is addicted to it? Yeah, I was on there a lot and for awhile I thought it was fun and great to keep in touch with so many people...and then it just started to crap out. I was up to about 180 friends and really a lot of them should be called acquaintances or past students and what business was it of mine to read their statuses or look at all their about honing you stalking skills!!! And then there was all the junk...the ridiculous applications you could add, the mindless games you could play and all those well meaning, but in the end, useless groups.

And then Facebook was ever improving it's look which really was no improvement at all. It only served to annoy people and force them to look at all the junk they really didn't want to read! ARGHHH already! And then today was the end for me, I didn't like the look, I was tired of the games and then every time I turned around to do something on FB, it wouldn't let me do it. Huge ARGHHH! So, in order to save my sanity and just the peace in my home I have deactivated my account. Maybe I'll reactivate it sometime but at this point, I really doubt it. I have my blog to keep people up to date with what happens here and if people have something that I should really hear about well, I do have a phone and a snappy little email address...So I guess you could say I'm going old school.


Sassy_Canuk said...

I actually tried to write on yourwall yesterday and it didn't work :(
I was saying that I only have Friday(15th) and Monday(18th) free, as we are leaving on tuesday around noon. Will either of those days work for you? I hope one of them is good! my e-mail addy is, in case you wanted it haha

StephanieAllen said...

I don't blame you Laura. Normally I can understand the changes they make. While annoying due to having to figure out the new processes, and people being creatures of habit, I generally don't like it much at first then eventually grow ok with it. But the latest changes? Making it less efficient and more difficult to look at? I really don't get it. Really really don't!! I'm an open-minded person and I've tried, but I'm at a loss here. I'm still there as I have so many family and friends who still post pics and updates...although I miss most of them now. Good for you for taking a stand!!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Facebook... Seeing as you put me on a year ago (and I never went on since then) could you take me off of it? Please!

Much love your Sis
CrAzY dragon