Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Now About That Trip to NS..

It was a wonderful time to be sure!! Both kids LOVED going on the boat! Emma-Lyn was thrilled about running up and down the deck, trying out everything and looking at everything. She was also excited about meeting so many people. She'd walk up to people, put her little hand on their leg and look up at them with the biggest dimply smile she could could anyone resist that?! :) Needless to say she got lots of smiles back!

I love going to my folks's just such an event, and when we're only there for a day we gotta pretty much make it that way or else squander what precious time we have together. Every get together with my family seems like a celebration. As we drive in their long gravel driveway we start honking our horn and then their old German Shepherd will get up and start barking to make sure all residents of the house are aware of our arrival. And as we slide our car into its parking spot, out pops my family from the farmhouse! Hugs all around and in we tromp with our kids and all our stuff. :) We settle into the living room and the tongues just start a wagging, all at once of course, and the louder the better...Poor Marko, I'm sure he didn't know what hit him the first time he experienced my family and I getting together!

After lunch we headed down to my grandmother's nursing home to visit with her awhile. She was so excited to see the kids... You could hardly wipe the smile from her face. It was really lovely to see her and get some pictures of her with the kiddos. I wasn't sure what Sean would make of her. Would he be shy or scared of her since she was in a wheelchair and he doesn't see her all that often or would he be okay with her. He was great. Before we left, he ran over and gave Beppe a big hug and kiss...on the arm mind you but was sweet.

Back at the house Emma-Lyn and Gramma planted a bush together for Mother's Day (Sean got to do this with Grampa two years ago for Father's Day) Emma-Lyn wasn't quite sure what to make of it all, but was pleased to play with the dirt for awhile. Afterwards we took a leisurely stroll down to the pond.

I LOVE that pond. It is so peaceful, beautiful and downright relaxing. There are beautiful trees that line the pond and dip their branches in the water as the breeze gently moves through them. And watching the fish as they swim around can be quite mesmerizing.

We had a lovely dinner of seafood chowder (for those of us that like that kind of thing) and yummy beef casserole for those who aren't so into the food from the sea. And for dessert?!!! My fave of faves, Strawberry Shortcake!! :)

Then it was time to this is just about as fun as arriving here. We start with all the hugs and kisses good-bye and then pile the kids and our stuff in. We climb in ourselves and slide down the windows. As we slowly make our way out the driveway we wave our arms like mad! And you know that my family have all their arms up waving away. And of course we have to honk the horn a couple times too. And my favourite part about it is that we don't stop waving our arms until we're out of sight. I love that :)

Emma-Lyn enjoying the view.

The kiddos enjoying the sun on the deck together.

Sean just loves his Grampy!

Emma-Lyn had just about enough of this posing for pictures stuff and Mom was trying her best to get her to giggle :)

This is a walking doll that my sister got when she was little. My grandmother made the Dutch outfit its wearing. We thought it'd be neat to see what Emma-Lyn thought of her. Not surprising, is the fact that the doll is taller than Emma-Lyn :)
And here we are panting the bush...I don't remember what exactly it is but it's pretty

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