Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So Good to Be Here...

and updating on a much more regular basis. I forgot how much I love to come to my little blog and just write about stuff!

Today was a day full of ups and downs. I love the ups but I'm not so fond of the downs and in particular, my role in the downs. I don't know why but sometimes I just end up yelling at Sean. I hate to admit, I hate the fact that I do it. The worst is when I catch myself in the middle of it and I don't stop it! I mean really, I am an adult and as such should behave like one! Ugh. And you know if I stop and think about it, I can figure out why I end up yelling at Sean... sometimes (most times) it's out of selfishness. I want to do one thing (i.e. read peacefully) and he would desperately like to do another and then I lose it.. Silly isn't it, such a trivial thing and yet there I go. Also during those times I can retrace my thoughts and realize that leading up to the argument my thoughts were anything but helpful to the situation. I always apologize to Sean afterwards and he forgives me and we move on. You may be wondering why I'm telling you this, well, it's because it's real. It's not some candy coated motherhood that I've enrolled in here. There are some deep trenches here that I struggle with and I think it's helpful to admit and share about it.

Phew, now with that out of the way, would you like to hear about the ups of today? :) I thought maybe you would. Today was a beautiful, sunshiny day! So we decided to pack a picnic and take it to the park. Sean and Emma-Lyn had a blast! Our neighbourhood park isn't the most amazing thing, what with only some swings and a metal jeep to play in, but the kids had fun anyways. We quickly scarfed down our lunch and then the kids took off running. They both really enjoyed the jeep, but they especially LOVED all the sand under the swings to play in! They were covered in it!!!

Once we made it home, I had them strip in the laundry room and then into the tub for a quick wash down. I think Emma-Lyn was a little confused and thought it was bedtime and wanted to brush her teeth after bath instead of getting changed right away. She was very happy about going down for her afternoon nap though, she went down like a sack of bricks!

Sean and I decided to spend some time looking at his letter and word flash cards. He had a hoot picking out all the letters of the alphabet but he really got into looking at the words. I would read and sound out the word for him and then put the word into a sentence. And do you know what he did? He would then make his own sentence with the word! So cool My favourite one was when the word was "I" and my sentence was I am your mom. And he came back with, And I am your son. Isn't that neat? I love seeing how kids think!

Emma-Lyn is getting to be quite the mimic these days. Just about anything Sean does, Emma-Lyn starts doing. He started playing Peek-A-Boo and she stopped what she was playing to cover her eyes and say boo. Another cute thing about her is her attachment to one of her toys. Gramma MacKinnon had given her a sweet pink plush puppy for Easter and she just adores it! She calls it her baby and wants to take it everywhere. Of course she sleeps with it too. When she gets up from her nap she'll grab her baby and her blanky and be ready to go! (Sarah S. it's the blanket you made her by the way!) So sweet!

My pretty little princess.

Looking a little nervous it would seem.

My hammy little man! :)

I asked him to blow a bubble and he was more than happy to oblige!! :)

Eyes, the window to the soul.

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