Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Things Kids Say!!

Sean was in the tub when he suddenly discovered his ni*ples. He kept pinching one of them and then looked up at me and asked, "Mommy, what are these?" I suppressed my giggle, and said, "Those are your ni*ples honey." He considered them again and then with a most quisitive look, he asks, "What are they for?" At this point I had to take a step back and try not to laugh. I wasn't sure what to tell him and decided to tell him that they were much like goose bumps when we get cold. He thought about this for a moment and then looked at me and stated, "Mommy, when I go outside my ni*ples grow!"

(Just so you know, I put the * in there so that people searching the proper word don't accidentally come across this site. I don't think those people would be looking for a story about a 3 year old boy and his self discovery.)

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