Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Think I've Finally Recovered From the Weekend..

It was such a great time! I went to a Ladies Retreat for the whole weekend at Emmanuel Bible Camp. It was spectacular. Jennie, Jana and I got a director's cabin, which meant that we had our own bathroom! Yay! The teaching was amazing and the fellowship was fantastic! I had so much fun getting to more ladies from my church and from other ones across the Maritimes! I tried to learn a new card game and failed miserably at it but it was still a lot of fun. Jennie, Natalie and I went canoeing together which we thought might be a bit disastarous but we did great! It was a lot of fun. Then we tried out the paddle boats and I managed to get my butt soaked! But again still a lot of fun. I laughed and talked and just had a great time. Oh, and we were in a skit! It was hilarious! So many wonderful memories. I can't wait for the next retreat!!

Marko and the kids survived quite handily but Marko would still like to know who's big idea it was to have the Ladies Retreat on Father's Day weekend!! :)

This is the view of the main lodge, where we had our meals and meetings.

Jennie all set to tackle the paddle boats...would you believe we had more problems working out these boats than the canoe?!!

Oh, and another fun activity was decorating our table...Our group decided to go all creative and make a model of the camp itself on the table!!

And this is Jana and I enjoying the chocolates they left in our beds!! Other more normal people would eat them...we on the other hand, decided to stick 'em in our eyeballs instead! Good times!!

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