Sunday, June 07, 2009

Kiddie Pool Fun!!

With all the warm weather it was finally time to pull out the ol' kiddie pool and let the kiddos have at it. They sure had a blast! Emma-Lyn wasn't quite sure what to make of it all and spent much more time running around with a towel on her head...Good times...apparently for a 1 and a half year old!

We've had a pretty relaxing weekend. Had some friends in on Friday night and then Saturday we did our usual running around doing groceries and such. The surprise for me was when Marko was able to snag some babysitting for Saturday night and then all of a sudden there we were on a date!!! I was sooo excited! And for our date he took me shopping to OldNavy and bought me a really sweet outfit! Then we went to Rum Runners for the best Nachos in town! Soooo yummy! I have to send out a big old thank you to Nancy C. who broke up her boredom and came over to our place to babysit for us! It was such an unexpected ending to a wonderful day!

And today we went to church and in the afternoon we went to our favourite park and let the kids run wild! They had a blast. Sean actually managed to make his way up the climbing wall and back down the other side! He was sooo pleased with himself. Needless to say Marko and I were more than impressed ourselves!

Where is Emma-Lynny?! Oh, just playing ghosties under the beach towel.

What a cutie pie!!

Hmmmmm, I wonder what Sean is thinking...Look out Emma-Lyn!

Having a splashing good time!

Such a smart looking lad!!


Anonymous said...

Great shots Laura! What park is your fav with the climbing wall that Sean climbed up? IMWTK


Bernie said...

Maybe you'll go 10 days early on Sarah's bday.

Laura said...

Hey Linda, the park with the climbing wall is at Glen Stewart School. Its a great park...lots for both kiddos to do and they love going there.

Ahhh 10 days early sounds great!! I would totally be good if that happened!! :)