Thursday, June 04, 2009

Loving the Warm Weather...

Finally we are getting some super nice sunny days here on the Island. The kids and I are outside a lot! They love playing on their toys in the front yard and then going around back to play on the swing set. Emma-Lyn loves Sharon's flowers. She'll walk over to a tulip and bend right over to get her nose in it and take a big whiff. So cute...then today she was inspecting some of the dandelions...some of the white kind of dandelions. And instead of leaning over to smell it, she leaned over and attempted to eat it!! Mmmm, yummmmy dandelion fluff! Needless to say she wasn't all that impressed with the taste and spit it all out.

I had a great and amazingly quick appointment with my OBGYN today. Normally I wait for what seems like hours but today I was in and out in no time! It was great and everything seems to be going well with baby #3. We have our next appointment at the IWK for our follow up ultrasound on the 16th of this month.

I guess other than that, not much else is new here. :) Hope you all have a great weekend :)

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