Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Okay, So Now We Have A New Official Due Date..

And it is October 24!! That being said the doctor that saw us yesterday informed us that babies can come 2 weeks early or 2 weeks late and that really we're due anytime in October...How helpful!! :) It was a good appointment, although we didn't get a good look at the little critter's face. The baby was lying on their stomach at the time.

We've really been blessed with some lovely weather lately!! Soooo warm and sunny! The kids have loved spending so much time outside and playing in their little pool. Today even Emma-Lyn walked down to the park...she's such a little trooper!

This weekend I'm really looking forward to the Ladies Retreat that my church is hosting! My friends Jennie and Natalie are coming too! Hopefully I can find someone to babysit for couple hours so we can get to the camp in good time! And then the weekend after that we're hoping to take the kids to the Moncton Zoo. I think Sean will really enjoying seeing all the animals up close! We're meeting my friend Mary and her family there for a visit. They're home from England for the month and this was our best opportunity to get together. I'm really looking forward to that too! :) And then of course we'll be super excited to have Grammie Peric back on the Island in July!! And then at some point we might even get a wee visit from some of my relatives from Holland! I'm really excited about that too!

And I just thought I'd end with a few pictures I took when Jennie and I went for a wonderful walk on the beach. It was so nice to walk on the sand and breathe in the salty sea air.


Sassy_Canuk said...

Love the pics! Looks like you are having some nice weather. time fr me to migrate east away from this cold wet province i am in!

Laura said...

Thanks Kim, you should definitely migrate this way!! I think we're supposed to have mid 20s temperatures through to the weekend!! :) I'm so looking forward to that! After such a ridiculously long winter it is soooo delightful to go outside without multiple layers on!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the Pictures! They are beautiful!
Would develope some of them for my album you gave me?
Lotsa LOVE from ME!!
CrAzY dragon