Monday, July 13, 2009

Finally, Another Post!

Ugh, I've been such a slacker! I can't believe it's been over a week since I last posted!

Beppe's wake went very well. It was nice to be with family and meet so much of the community. And there were some funny parts...I hope my uncle won't kill me for posting I'll not mention his name and you can guess which one it is :) Anyhoo, he introduced himself three different times as Marianna's younger sister! It was so funny...then I accidentally introduced Marko as "My Marko." Instead of "my husband, Marko."

We stayed overnight and in the morning instead of just heading right back to the Island we decided to tour around a bit. Marko hadn't really seen much of the area so it was nice to show him a few places and get reaquainted with some places myself. We went to the mall, which I haven't been in for like years! And wow! That place has changed! We went to a local restaurant (one that Mom recommended) and had a wonderful lunch before heading back home.

It has been so wonderful to have Grammy Peric home. The kids just love her to bits! And we have had so many date nights we hardly know what to do with ourselves! :) Tonight we're hoping to go to the Drive In (weather permitting) to see Ice Age 3.

The following are some pictures from Beppe's wake.

These are all items that Beppe made.

The two home made cabbage patch dolls were Karina's and mine. Mine is the more beat up looking one.

Beppe didn't make the doll, but she did make the entire Dutch outfit for her.

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