Sunday, July 26, 2009

What a Fun and Busy Weekend!

So much to do and see and people to hangout with!!

Friday was a bit of a rough start. I took the kiddos to the mall and everything was going swimmingly until the cart incident. Apparently the straps on the special Zellers cart were too tight for Sean and instead of informing me of this, he decided to have a melt down...full blown screaming and wriggling melt, fun. I was not impressed and unbuckled Emma-Lyn and told Sean that we were going back to the van in no uncertain terms! Again he was not impressed and started in more wailing. I walked..very quickly (poor lad was practically running to keep up with me...couldn't have been easy while he was still fussing) and all the way to the van we went. (we were able to borrow Gerry and Sharon's van for the occasion) Once there it was time for a cool down and regroup. My solel purpose for going to the mall was to pick up a 50th Anniversary card for a couple at our church. So once Sean was simmered down, I barked out his new orders and they were to be followed to the T. We managed to pick up the card and get back in the van with no further incident.

We had a good afternoon and then Grammie Peric came down to look after the kiddos while I went out to the 50th Anniversary open house at the Chapel. It was really nice to visit with friends and congratulate the happy couple. It's one of the oldies that I work for and they're a lot of fun to work for too.

Friday evening I went over to Jennie's and we played a little Singstar. I love that game and we have some favourite songs we like to belt out together so it was a really fun topper to my day.

Saturday was quite busy. Marko and I were out the door for 10:00 to help clean the Chapel. That's what we do at our church, everyone gets an opportunity to help keep the building clean. When we got home it was lunch time and then we were all out the door to run a few errands. We got some banking done, and got all our groceries. Just as we were pulling into our driveway, our friends Mike and Jamie pulled up. They were here to pick up Marko for Nick's bachelor party. Thanks to Mike and Jamie's help we were able to bring in all our bags and get Marko out the door quickly. The kiddos and I spent a quieter afternoon together and then at 6 I was off to Danielle's Bachelorette party.

Danielle didn't know what we were going to be doing and I'm so kicking myself for forgetting to take my camera! It was a super fun night! The gals gathered at Nancy's place and from there we headed to Cavendish for supper. We surprised Danielle with her very own "pimped out" Beaver tail for dessert (it's a most delicious pastry!) And then we headed back in town to see the chick flick, The Proposal. But beforehand we got Danielle to play a bit of Dance, Dance Revolution in front of all the other moviegoers. It was pretty cute since she was dressed in a shirt that said Bride to Be and D hearts N. (Bonnie did a really great job on that!) and she was wearing a bright pink lei. Such a great night.

This morning we were up and out the door by 8:30 to go out to our dear friends the Skys to worship with them at their performance hall. (They live in a wee little place called Clinton) We were there plenty early and got to indulge in some most delicious homemade goodies! And it was sooooo very good to see them again and hug them lots!

We got home for a quick bite and then off we went to Fort Augustus to celebrate Marko's Nanny's 90th birthday. ( her birthday isn't until December but this was a better time for travel for family members) Our little family and Grammie Peric got up and sang 3 little songs. Sean was a little shy but ever so cute and Emma-Lyn just wanted to get down and socialize with everybody! We sang, The Bear Went Over the Mountain (Nanny used to sing this to Marko's mom when she was little) and Jesus Lover of My Soul and Jesus Loves Me, both are songs that we sing to our kids at bedtime. It was a lovely gathering after which we headed over to our favourite park and then home again home again to finally finish up our busy weekend.

Here are a few shots from today:
Nanny P, I didn't realize how poor a shot I took till I got home so I played around with it and now it looks more like a

Nanny's birthday cake.

The live entertainment! Emma-Lyn swayed about to the music while she went from table to table greeting everyone.

My sweet handsome hubby!
Such a cutie pie!

"Oh Momma would you just look at this dirty napkin!!" Our little environmentalist.

Just thought this was really neat!

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