Monday, August 03, 2009

Another Fun and Full Weekend

Yes, it was yet another fairly full weekend for us! Marko went out on Friday night for guys game night while I stayed in with the kiddos. Then on Saturday morning we had the car in for an oil change and as soon as we got it back we quickly loaded up and headed over to the Sunday School Picnic. There's a great park right beside our church which was perfect for team games. After stuffing our faces full of hotdogs and chips and juice, everyone headed over to the park to watch the kids play games. Sean wasn't too sure about this at first and was pretty hesitant to get in on the action. Thankfully there are some really get older boys who really seem to enjoy Sean and they encouraged him to play and even be on their team! Sean was thrilled! He really seemed to enjoy himself and have a good time playing all the games.

We then headed home to drop off the kiddos with Grammie Peric while Marko and I headed out to Montague. Things haven't been going too quickly with the house in Lower Montague so we thought it wouldn't hurt to look around for a home ourselves, seeing as October only gets closer and closer. We looked at 4 different houses and one of them we really like. We might look at a couple others before making any hard and fast decisions. We were fairly late in getting home and Grammie Peric already had the kids bathed and fed when we got home. I was ever so thankful for that, I was running out of energy wasn't exactly looking forward to bath time and whipping up supper.

After supper I headed out to Canoe Cove Christian Camp to take in some of the Maritime Christian Fellowship Conference. It was really great to see so many old friends, if for only a brief moment.

On Sunday my family came over and we had a great visit with them too! The kids just love playing with their Grampa, especially when he lets them drench him with water out by the kiddy pool! I don't have any pictures of that yet, I'm hoping that Auntie Karina will send some along soon!! *hint, hint*

Today Grammie Peric, the kids and I went to Beaconsfield (a historic house in Charlottetown) for a children's show. It was called Once Upon a Rhyme. It was really good, I think I had just as much fun as the kids did. At one point the actors asked for some audience answers to questions and Sean got to have his answer used in part of their play...He was mighty pleased about that. And you couldn't wipe the smile off his face when he got to meet all the characters after the show was over.

Now for the pictures:

Sean pulling a little boat behind him. The object was to get the boat which had little balls in it around the pylon and back to your team without loosing any of the little balls.

Here they had to throw their pool noodle to the pylon and back, Sean had a bit more difficulty with this one but still had a big smile on his face.

I just love that she has her hand on her hip in this shot! :) Wonder where she gets that from ;)

And here Sean and his partner had to balance a ball on their facecloth while running to the pylon and back.

On another excursion with Grammie Peric we went downtown by Province House. The kids loved the fountains...Looks like Emma-Lyn is getting a big drink!

And here's the kiddos hamming it up on Victoria Row.

And now just some black and white shots that I took that I thought were kinda cool.

Park bench with the war memorial in the background.

Interesting shot of Province House.

Side shot of Province House and a pathway.

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