Wednesday, August 12, 2009

So Busy These Days!! :)

We've had lots of fun and exciting things to do these days! There was Nick and Danielle's wedding on Saturday, a boat ride and family gathering on Sunday, a Homeschooling meeting on Monday evening and then a trip out to see the Skys perform on Tuesday!!

Nick and Danielle's wedding was pretty much a full day thing. Marko met up with the fellas for breakfast and then came home to get changed to head up East for the wedding. It was a lovely wedding and it was nice to have a few refreshments before heading back into town for the reception. Sean and Emma-Lyn spent the day with Grammie. Marko and I had a great time at the reception sitting with our friends. To get the bride and groom to kiss you had to answer a question and if you got it right then they would kiss, if you got it wrong your table had to sing a love song and then the couple would kiss. We got our question right but we REALLY wanted to sing a song...Marko had one all picked out and we were really pumped to sing it so when another table messed up we offered to sing for them. We sang "Hooked On a Feeling" The girls sang the Ooga chuckas and the boys sang the verses! It was hilarious! We got a lot of comments about our song! After the reception there was a dance and Marko and I got down with our bad selves..hehehe...So much fun!!!

On Sunday we got an invite to go out on Marko's uncle Brian's boat. It was soooo wonderful! The kids loved it and it was so very relaxing! Both Sean and Emma-Lyn tried out the captain's chair...Sean found that it was much to his liking! As soon as we got docked we jumped in the car to head over to Jennie's Grammie's place for supper. They had ordered in KFC and there was lots to go around. There was also cake and ice cream for dessert. We were celebrating August birthdays and Steve and Jen's anniversary. It was really great to get together with family and just enjoy ourselves.

On Monday night Marko and I headed out to a homeshooling meeting. It was very informative and we really enjoyed it. I hope to start homeschooling Sean this fall. I'm not sure how long I'll homeschool our children but I'd at least like to try it out. This meeting helped us understand what was involved and get in contact with other homeschoolers.

On Tuesday evening we took our Bible study group out to the Sky's Performance Centre. The Skys are really good friends of ours and come to the study through the fall and winter when they're available. We brought Sean with us and Brian and Bonnie brought Abby with them. The kids had a BLAST! They were so well behaved and so rediculously cute! There was a song called the song of innocence and at that moment Abby and Sean were standing on their chairs holding hands...then Abby leaned in and planted a big wet one on Sean's cheek!! So sweet!

In other news, Emma-Lyn is a bit of mess these days. She has some sort of infection in her eyes which I am now treating with eye drops... Do you have any idea how difficult it is to get an 18 month old to take eye drops?!! Then there's the rash behind her ears which I am treating with medicated cream and finally there's her bowel movements...They're still pretty runny and so many different colours that the doctor suggested we take her off dairy for a few weeks to see if that makes any difference. So now she's drinking soy milk and eating soy yogurt...and really seems to enjoy it. Here's hoing all this stuff helps her to get better.

Now for some pictures.

Captain Sean hard at work!

Captain Emma-Lyn with the help of Great Uncle Brian.

This was the best part of the performance! Marko and Troy were pulled on stage to try doing a Newfie dance!!

Intermission time for the kiddos, time to climb on Brian!

And here they are holding cute!

Nick and Danielle and their wedding party.

Don't ya just love my new rock?!!

Our happy table, from left to right, Bonnie, Jennie, Malcom, Marko and I.

At one point at the reception they had an open mike time and I mentioned the time that I had toilet papered Nick's car and would you just look at what happened to our car that night?!! Too funny!

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