Wednesday, August 26, 2009

So Many Things to Post About...

I really have to try to get more posts out on a regular basis rather than trying to play catch up and write a really long post.

We've been pretty busy going places and doing things. We took the kids to the Toy Factory in New Glasgow and they thought it was just wonderful! We could barely get them out of there. Thankfully there's a little playground out back and they enjoyed playing there for a while.

Friday was the Gold Cup and Saucer Parade and kids had a blast. Both Sean and Emma-Lyn seemed mesmerized by the whole thing and just sat and watched so contentedly. It was a beautiful day for a parade too!

On Saturday we went over to Karen and Rodney's for a pot luck BBQ and campfire. It was wonderful!! So much food! I ate way too much! Karen made a delicious seafood chowder (she even sent me home with some) and there was sweet and sour meatballs that Tammy brought (again I got some take home!) and the BBQ chicken was soooo yummy! Marko and I had brought Lamb hamburgers and those were okay but I don't think I'd get that again. Oh, and Karen made a most tasty salsa and chips! YUM! The kids loved running around and checking out the campfire.

On Sunday we went to Grace Baptist church instead of the Bible Chapel since our church closed due to the incoming hurricane which turned out to be not much more than an overly rainy day. I enjoyed the service at Grace and it was nice to see people I hadn't seen in awhile too. Sean was also pleased with the nursery there :)

I don't remember which day it was but Grammie Peric took Sean on a ride on the Harbour Hippo. It's a vehicle that drives on land and goes in the water. Sean loved it!

Today Marko had the day off and after we took Emma-Lyn to the doctor's (we're going to have to take her to get blood work done sometime to try to figure out what might be up with her bowels) we headed to Avonlea Village as an event put on by the homeschoolers. It was a really fun day. And it was extra sweet since we only had to pay 20 dollars to get in and normally it costs 22 dollars for just one adult!

The kids had a great time going through the village. We went on a wagon ride and both Sean and Emma-Lyn went on a pony ride. They were great at it too, I thought Emma-Lyn might not be so interested but she was neighing at the pony and seemed quite pleased with herself. They had great music that we all enjoyed and we got to dress up in period costumes and take pictures. And can you believe that I forgot my camera?!!! Thankfully Grammie had hers and as soon as they're developed I hope to get some up on the ol' blog. The kids really looked so sweet in their little outfits!

This weekend looks pretty busy too. And that being said I'm not entirely sure what our plans are...Friday we were going to go out for supper for my birthday but we may bump that up to tomorrow night and then we're supposed to go to Brian and Bonnie's for a end of summer get together with the gang but there might be another hurricane coming on Sunday which was the day we were going to go visit my folks but if the storm comes then we'll head over on the Saturday instead. So I guess we're sort of in a wait and see kinda phase. Fun!

Now for some random pictures:
I just thought this was sooo adorable. They were about to cross the parking lot at the Toy Factory so we told them to hold hands and they did! :)

This is part of the playground behind the Toy Factory. They actually do make some of the toys right on the property.

My handsome knight in shining armour!

and my other knight in shining armour.

This is Super Grover road surfing in the Gold Cup and Saucer Parade.

Waiting for the parade to begin.

They finally fixed up the playground in our subdivision and this is what it looks like now. Sean was quite impressed!

And this is Sean on his ride on the Harbour Hippo.

The Hippo in the water.

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