Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Had Yet Another Birthday!

Yes, August 31 has come and gone and I am yet another year older! Woo Hoo!! On Thursday we (that is Marko, Grammie Peric and I) went to Dundee Arms for supper and it was scrumptious! Marko and I both had a steak and baked potato with salad! Yummers. Jennie babysat for us so when we came home we all had some cake and ice cream!

On Saturday we headed for the mainland to spend the day with my family. It was another lovely visit. We went for a lesuirely stroll and spent some time around the pond pestering the fish by throwing apples in the water. The kids loved it! Even had time for an impromtu photo session. The drive home was a little more exciting than I had anticipated. Tropical Strom Danny was coming through and brought heaps of rain with him which made driving quite the challenge by times!

On Sunday evening I went out with the gals to a little place calle Chocolate Elements. It was AMAZING!! We had intended on going to Cafe Diem but they were already closed and am I ever happy they were or else we would never have noticed this gem of a restaurant. We shared 6 different chocolate entrees and boys oh boys were they ever good! I certainly hope to go back there more often now that I know that it's there.

On Monday Marko took me out to Pat n' Willys for fajitas!! YUMMMY! I received lots of lovely gifts for my bday too. My folks gave me a beautiful pair of pjs and a Superstore gift certificate, Grammie Peric gave me a new Bible (The Message translation...I'm really enjoying it) and two other books, and Marko gave me a new watch (which I have needed since the first of the month) and a lovely outfit.

Emma-Lyn waiting to throw her apple in the pond.

Our men folk. :)
The family! :)

And here we are indulging in the most scrumptious chocolate ever!

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