Saturday, September 26, 2009

New Routines...

This fall marks a new beginning for us. We have started our journey in homeschooling! And so far it has been a LOT of fun! I had no idea there was such a great support group here on the Island and they have been such a wonderful resource and help to us already! Sean is really keen to do his school work every day, he even wants to work on the weekends!

We don't do too much just simple little lessons in numbers and letters and using a pencil. He's already learned so much and enjoys getting out his school books and adding to his number book that we're making together. I have to say that having this teaching time with Sean is a major highlight of my days! I love coming up with little lesson plans and activities for us to do together. We usually have class time after lunch when Emma-Lyn is down for her nap so I can give Sean my full attention. We spend some time at the kitchen table working together then we have some activities we complete in his room. Pretty basic stuff but a lot of fun to watch him gain confidence and develop interest in these things.

Today was almost like a school day since we spent the morning at the Atlantic Veterinary College's Open House. There was so much to see and do! Animals to look at, different displays to check out and activities to do. The kids loved it! We even brought their little puppies to take to the Teddy Bear Clinic. They got to take their puppies to one of the Vet students to have them checked over. Sean's puppy needed a band-aid and some medicine, Emma-Lyn wouldn't let the student put the band-aid on but insisted on the meds (a little pill container filled with Skittles!)

Here are some pics from the day:

Emma-Lyn a future Vet?!! :)

Or maybe Sean will become a Vet.

Looks like Daddy might be moonlighting as a Vet. ;)

Here they are at the clinic. Such concern on Emma-Lyn's face!

Checking out the Albino snake. Both kids ended up patting it.

Up close and personal with a goat.

Checking out the animals.

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Sarah said...

OH my, that snake made me cringe. I thought about taking the kids into that and I'm sooo glad I didn't after seeing that snake. Glad you guys had a great time though!