Friday, September 11, 2009

Time to Update the Ol' Blog Again...

I have been so slack with this blog!! ARGH!!

Anyhoo, we've been having fun as a family and I have some pictures and stories to share.

Over the Labour day weekend Marko and I got to getaway for an entire day, just the two of us and it was heavenly!! We headed out to the old Rainbow Valley Park which is now nature trails and trees and had a lovely little picnic out there. Marko reminisced about the good ol RV days and I nodded and smiled a lot. I had been there once when it was a theme park so I don't have much emotionally invested in the place.

After our picnic we hit the Cavendish boardwalk to see what kind of deals they had on and Marko bought me a cute pair of earings for just two bucks :) By this time I was pretty much at the end of my energy level and we went for a lesuirely drive into Summerside. We looked at some of the shops at Spinakers Landing. Then we were off to Gentleman Jims for supper. Wow, the service there was incredible!! And the food was super yummy!! We were very pleased and stuffed to the gills, so we headed back home but not before we stopped down at Victoria Park for some ice cream...Yum! It was a wonderful day!

On Monday we all, even Grammie went to King's Castle Provincal Park for the day. The kids had a blast and we did too! It was a lot of fun to watch them go nuts on all the slides and climbing places. We even went down to the beach where Emma-Lyn was the most adventerous and was all about just going right on in and was beconing for the rest of us to come with her...I couldn't resist so I took her up on the challenge and waded in a ways with her. We had the most delicious and cheap ice cream there too! Again a delight to watch the kids eat and enjoy. Can't wait to go back there again next year! We stopped for supper at a restaurant called Higher Ground, we went there quite a bit last year so it was nice to stop in at least once this year.

I have a lot of pictures to share of those two days. We're all doing well and now I'm trying to get prepared for Peric baby #3's arrival. I have to sort through all Sean's old stuff and get some sort of sleeping arrangement set up in our room. Both baby and I are doing well, I'm finding I get more tired a lot more easier this time around and sleeping is an effort in itself...well mostly the rolling over part is a pain but I'm coping and managing well! :)

Now for the pics:

Marko and I at our little picnic place. :)

Emma-Lyn fell off this and cried her little heart out, I took to Grammie for consoling but she would have none of it, she went right back to it and proceded to get back on all by herself!

"Look Ma, no hands!!!"

Hanging out in the water...

Just testing the waters first..

There were a few storybook characters throughout the park and Sean liked to climb on them.

Emma-Lyn on the other hand wanted to hug them all.

Sean the mighty climber...

And this is what he was climbing, he climb all the way over the top and down the other side and back up again!

She LOVES the swing.

Now here are some pictures of our time at Avonlea Village. We went with the local group of homeschoolers. We got in at a great price and we all had a super time there too.

I tell you, this girl is fearless! She pretty near jumped on the pony and seemed like she had been riding all her life!

Sean also really enjoyed the pony ride.

Aren't they just the cutest kids you have ever seen?!

Busy with their school work.

Pretty sweet as a red head eh?!
And what about my boy...such a sweetie.

Doesn't just scream "I'm so impressed!!" don't think I was meant to be a red head... :)

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