Thursday, October 29, 2009

Oh How That Pregnancy Ticker At The Top Of The Page Mocks Me!!!

So yeah, still no baby news...sigh. People keep telling me that soon, soon it will happen...yeah, yeah ya'll have been telling me that for like 2 weeks!!! And it's starting to get old people!! But I'm not bitter... well, maybe just a little bit.

I had a doctors appointment on Wednesday and I really thought things were going to start happening but alas and alack this little fella seems entirely way too happy on the inside and seems determined to stay there. I have another appointment on Tuesday when (if I haven't gone by then) we will decide when to induce labour. Yippeee!

In other news the kiddos and Jennie and myself went for a lovely walk through the trails at Victoria Park and really enjoyed all the brilliant colours of the trees!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Oh Please Let This Be The Last Belly Pic I Can Take...

So have I whined enough about this baby not coming yet?!! Two days over and it feels like forever! My joints ache, the heart burn is awful, and my waddle is just so pathetic!! ;)

I really want to meet this little fella and okay, if I'm going to be completely honest, I'd really like to have my body back to just me living in it!

Still seems as though the end is far ways off...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

So This Was Supposed To Be The Day...

and while it was a really nice day, still no baby. I think this fella is just a little too comfy cozy where he is.

The kids are getting really good at letting Mommy and Daddy sleep in on the weekends which is wonderful! We were finally out of bed a little after nice when you're used to getting up at 7. We did some shopping in the morning and went to a park for a little bit. After lunch it was quiet time... I love this time of day. Emma-Lyn goes down for a nap and Sean plays in his room by himself for at least an hour. This lets me get a little nap too. Sean has been really good about letting me nap which has been wonderful. And he has been such a great little helper. He helps clear the table after meals (without being asked) he helps Emma-Lyn with her toys and just in general really enjoys helping out in anyway he can. He also has become quite the singer and enjoys coming up with his own little ditties. My favourites are the ones about Jesus, just so sweet!

Well I guess we'll go to church tomorrow and see if we can't pray this baby out!! LOL

Emma-Lyn loves to wear her hat in the house. She also has a really cute pink knit one that she likes to wear.

Apparently Sean's bunny also likes to wear hats.

Lovely eh? Great expression and the hair is just awesome!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

5 Days and Counting...

Supposedly I have just 5 more days till this baby finally makes his appearance. At this point I would be totally delighted if he decided to come early! I'd like to be the only one in my body for a change. I'm feeling pretty good if a little lacking in energy.

Sean and Emma-Lyn are doing great. Sean is fairly excited about his new brother coming and I'm pretty sure Emma-Lyn has no sweet clue as to what is about to happen in her little world...this could prove interesting to say the least!! ;)

Sweet Emma-Lyn with a pony tail.

She loves to move the furniture!

Sean just loves his new toy from Grammie...unfortunately it is already broken...Marko is hoping that he might be able to fix it.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Anniversary and Thanksgiving!

Tomorrow will be our 6th Anniversary!! Wow, where did the time go? I must say I just love my hubby to bits and am ever so grateful that we're married and I just love spending time with him doing whatever, be it going for drives, looking at real estate (yep, we're still hunting for a place), playing games together or just being silly. (I especially love being silly with him!) I love you Marko and I couldn't imagine life without you!!

Here we are 6 years ago:

It's my favourite picture! This year to celebrate we not only went out for supper we also got away for an evening. It was such a treat. Grammie Peric offered to watch the kids for us so we immediately set out to find a nice place to eat and a nice place to stay for the evening. We had supper at Mosaic which is a favourite restaurant of ours. Then we were off for Victoria By the Sea, a lovely part of the Island. We stayed at the Orient Hotel which is run much more like a bed and breakfast. We had a wonderful room called the driftwood room. It had it's own little sitting room and large ensuite bath. So delightful. It was on the top floor and ever so quiet! I just loved it. In the morning we went down to the tearoom for our breakfast which was just so scrumptious, poached eggs with Holandaise sauce with fresh fruit! Marko didn't have the egg but did enjoy the fruit and the toast and cereal that was available.

After breakfast we packed up and headed out to explore the area and enjoy the fall colours. It was pretty wet so we didn't make many stops but still the countryside was alive with colour! We headed into Summerside and Marko bought me a great set of baking bowls, measuring cups, measuring spoons and a whisk. (You can never have too many bowls or measuring cups and spoons!! :) We took the scenic route back into town and had lunch at Pizza Delight and then we headed back home to see how Grammie Peric made out with the kiddos. They had a good time but now Emma-Lyn is feeling a bit under the weather.

Tomorrow my family will be here for Thanksgiving. We're simplifying things by getting Swiss Chalet to make dinner and we'll bring it home to share! I'm totally looking forward to that! Yum!

Here are pics from our little getaway:
The Orient Hotel.
The Tea Room where they serve wonderful meals...we may just have to come back here next year!

Our bedroom.

And the view from our room. So peaceful.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Pulling Out the Potty Stops

Emma-Lyn has been showing some readiness for potty training and now that her bowels seem to have figured themselves out, we're giving it a shot. Today, Sean got out the potty for his little sister. He was excited for her and she was thrilled! She kept calling out, "Potty, Potty!!!" She liked sitting on it but so far we haven't met with much success but I'm really happy with how excited she is about it. It was funny to see how happy Sean was for her too. He's really growing up too. He loves to play with Emma-Lyn, especially running races from the front door to the living room. And if he bumps her over, he'll stop, apologize and help her up. So sweet! And listening to the two of them squeal as they race back and forth is awesome!

Had a really great day yesterday, my friend Carolyn and her youngest daughter dropped in for the morning. Apparently Catherine wanted to play with Sean so Carolyn thought this was a great idea for a play date! We got to chat and the kids had a great time playing together. Then in the afternoon Jennie came over and we all went out shopping and then hit Victoria Park for awhile. That night it was girls night out and I went over to Tammy's for what I thought was a birthday party for Karen but turned out to be a birthday party for her, me and Deanna as well as a baby shower for me! It was sooooo much fun!! Laughed so hard and had such a great time. I totally forgot to take my camera but I'm hoping to get some pictures from Karen so I'll be able to post those later.

Today was pretty quiet which was good for me because I've been pretty sore and my nose was all stuffed up and perhaps was a little overtired from all the fun on Friday. Tomorrow we have church and are hoping to check out the Farm Day being held downtown in the afternoon.

I have another doctor's appointment on Thursday. Everything is looking good, the baby's head is down so that's good. I've been making lots of meals to freeze so I won't have so much to think about once this baby does arrive. I feel like I'm mostly prepared now. I'm very happy to have my mother in law living upstairs, it will be great to have her helping hands so close by!

I just love how cute Emma-Lyn looks in these pjs! And love the expression on Sean's face.