Thursday, October 29, 2009

Oh How That Pregnancy Ticker At The Top Of The Page Mocks Me!!!

So yeah, still no baby news...sigh. People keep telling me that soon, soon it will happen...yeah, yeah ya'll have been telling me that for like 2 weeks!!! And it's starting to get old people!! But I'm not bitter... well, maybe just a little bit.

I had a doctors appointment on Wednesday and I really thought things were going to start happening but alas and alack this little fella seems entirely way too happy on the inside and seems determined to stay there. I have another appointment on Tuesday when (if I haven't gone by then) we will decide when to induce labour. Yippeee!

In other news the kiddos and Jennie and myself went for a lovely walk through the trails at Victoria Park and really enjoyed all the brilliant colours of the trees!

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Mary E said...

Awesome pics, Laura. I love the colours - that's one thing I miss over here.

Courage! You really won't be pregnant for ever.