Saturday, October 24, 2009

So This Was Supposed To Be The Day...

and while it was a really nice day, still no baby. I think this fella is just a little too comfy cozy where he is.

The kids are getting really good at letting Mommy and Daddy sleep in on the weekends which is wonderful! We were finally out of bed a little after nice when you're used to getting up at 7. We did some shopping in the morning and went to a park for a little bit. After lunch it was quiet time... I love this time of day. Emma-Lyn goes down for a nap and Sean plays in his room by himself for at least an hour. This lets me get a little nap too. Sean has been really good about letting me nap which has been wonderful. And he has been such a great little helper. He helps clear the table after meals (without being asked) he helps Emma-Lyn with her toys and just in general really enjoys helping out in anyway he can. He also has become quite the singer and enjoys coming up with his own little ditties. My favourites are the ones about Jesus, just so sweet!

Well I guess we'll go to church tomorrow and see if we can't pray this baby out!! LOL

Emma-Lyn loves to wear her hat in the house. She also has a really cute pink knit one that she likes to wear.

Apparently Sean's bunny also likes to wear hats.

Lovely eh? Great expression and the hair is just awesome!!

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Mary E said...

Good luck Laura! Hope you pop soon.
Lots of love.