Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lots Going On

It's been a really wonderful day. We started with a pancake breakfast at Grace Christian School and followed that up with Sean's birthday party. After some nap time/quiet time we were off to the Santa Claus parade (I love the way Sean says it, Santy cute!) It was a good parade. I was really happy that we met up with friends of ours and spent the parade hanging out with them. All the kids really enjoyed it and all the candy that was passed out. By the end of it Emma-Lyn was really going for it and showing off her super cool dancing moves! She also decided that the people beside us (who we didn't know) had a much nicer blanket to sit on so she went and sat with them.

Tomorrow looks busy too. We have church in the morning quickly followed by a concert rehearsal for Sean and in the afternoon we're off to look at yet another's hoping!

Sean opening his gifts.

Sean with additional help for the blowing out of candles. :)

All cuddled up waiting for the parade to begin.

The floats.
This was my personal favourite...Snoopy and the Red Baron!

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