Friday, December 11, 2009

Slacking Off On the Ol' Blog Once Again...Eeek

I need to figure out some sort of schedule to make sure that I get more posts written on this thing!

Life has been busy...who woulda thunk it eh?! 3 children certainly do make things interesting and challenging. And with birthdays and Christmas coming it's hard to keep up a regular routine.

This past weekend my folks were here for Sean's family birthday party. It was a fun time, Marko's mom and sister also came down and not only had gifts for Sean but also a couple for Emma-Lyn...this was true brilliance! Emma-Lyn was happily distracted with her own little gifts and the whole jealousy thing didn't really happen. :) Sean loved all his presents and having his family with him to eat more cake!

I've been under the weather for the past couple of days and I've been put on an antibiotic which is already helping a LOT! And thankfully it's better than the one the first doctor wanted to put me on. This one I can still nurse Nate and I only take it for 7 days, the other one was for 10 days and I wouldn't be able to nurse Nate so he'd be on formula and I'd have to pump and dump for all that time...did I mention we've been working on getting back on a routine? This sure would throw a monkey wrench into that!

Anyhoo, here are a few random shots:

Emma-Lyn stepping out in Auntie Linda's boots...Girl loves her footwear. She tried my boots on today...but they went up to her hip so didn't work out so well for wandering around in.

Peaceful sleepy Nate.

Emma-Lyn with her Grampy.

Sean was happy with his new wallet...and was especially pleased with the four loonies he found inside!

Grampy and Nate.

Sean loves to be around Nate and talk to him and kiss him and bath time is no exception.

Another peaceful sleepy Nate by the Christmas tree.

Cuties by the Christmas tree.

Sean making his first gingerbread house. He had a lot of fun making it but I think he especially enjoyed sampling the candies! :)