Wednesday, January 27, 2010

And I Have Slacked Off Once Again...

We had friends in on the weekend and we played a few games. My favourite was playing Pictionaryman. You actually draw on this plastic dude and he comes with props that you can draw on too!

Nate went in for his 2 month doctor's appointment on Monday and the lad is doing well! He is 14 pounds 4 ounces and 24 and 1/4 inches long and healthy as a horse.

That evening I went to a meeting at church about the music ministry. I'd really like to get back to singing, especially if it's in a choir. It was a great meeting as it involved having supper, which just happened to be prepared by a chef (he goes to our church) who works at the Culinary Institute!! We had squash soup to was so yummy! And then tender stuffed chicken drizzled with sauce, steamed veggies and cheesy potatoes...Oooh it was sooooo good! I was so stuffed and then they came out with the cheesecake! YUM! Unfortunately I was so stuffed I couldn't finish my cheesecake. The meeting itself was great and a lot of fun! Afterwards I picked up Jennie and headed over to Carolyn's for a gab fest which was wonderful as well!!

Today the kiddos and I went to Grace Christian School. It was the first time I've been back since Nate was born. I was speaking at the Elementary chapel service, which I always love! The kids there are so much fun! They really enjoyed meeting Nate too!

Tomorrow and Friday I hope to take in some of the Lectureships put on by the Maritime Christian College. And Auntie Linda is going to pop by to cut Sean's hair and give mine a trim before she heads out west for the next couple of months!

And now just a few sweet pics of Nator Tator...

Don't ya just love that smile?!!

And his more thoughtful look...

And more of that handsome smile!


Sassy_Canuk said...

Nate is so sweet! Each of your children really do have their own look.
I have friends whose children go to GCS. Neat that you do some work there!

Anonymous said...

ok, firstly, detailing that awesome supper in such detail, has me drooling....again...and you thought it was Nate - ha ha! He sure is smiley! Hope to hear you singing soon......:)